Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dark Secrets

Alex Jones infiltrates the annual "Cremation of Care"
a cult like ceremony attended by politicians and elitists from around the world.
A pagan/druid inspired play in which a parent sacrifices a mock child to a 40 ft. plus statue of an owl (Moloch).
The infant is said to represent care or specifically "dull care".
Care to my knowledge has many meanings (consequence? sympathy?)

Many politicians have admitted to attending this gathering annually.
George Bush Jr. is said to have selected Dick Cheney as his VP during such a visit.
Highly satanic in presentation.
Rumors also loom of many incidents of homosexuality taking place.
Carried out since 1873 in the redwood forest of Northern California.
Seeing such a ceremony really makes you wonder what are the true intentions of todays global elite?

I've heard many tales of politicians being infatuated with the occult
i.e. Hitler & recently Tony Blair
but mock corpse or not, to attend & preside over such a ritual is truly bizarre.
Everything about the festival is tangled in death,
skulls posted abroad and even the pamphlets given to attendees shows an infant corpse burning at the altar of bohemian grove.
Shrouded in cloaks the crowd is 1,500+
and many are said to have previously been involved in Yale's Skull & Bones society.
Only recently have females been able to work on the grounds and only as valets.
All former employees are either truly left in the dark or forbidden to speak of the events
as they seem clueless once questioned.
Bravo to Alex Jones for sneaking in to such an event and bringing such darkness to light.
The only thing negative that can be said is the films in dire need of an editor,
& alot of stuff shouldn't have made the cut (mostly Alex's pre-game)
but the main ingredient is obviously the message.
Otherwise, another powerful film from one of the last remaining patriots.