Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bomb Scare B.S.

Recent bomb scare was bullshit.
Police at the scene observed the device as a printer cartridge with wires and powder.
News reports kept saying it was a dry-run.
Dry = meaning no bomb.
Yet Obama comes on the scene and declares it an explosive device
which was supposedly headed for a synagogue in Chicago.

Conveniently Rahm Emanuel is set to run for mayor of Chicago and is jewish.
Who do you think would be a major supporter in the windy city
other than the largest judaic practice in the state?
Doesn't hurt that Obama hailed from the area as well serving as Senator for Illinois.

Where did they allege the package came from....: Yemen
How convenient! Yemen sits at the south of the Arabian Peninsula.
Bordering the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea.
Therefore he who controls Yemen, controls the import/export trade.
Yemen just so happens to be the poorest & least developed countries in Arabia.
So I'm sure they wouldn't put up much of a fight?
Yemen's oil reserves are estimated to be depleted by 2017 so time is of the essence.

How long before they accuse Al Qaeda of occupying Yemen?
Too late, they already have...
Obama now vows to "destroy" Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Agenda 21 for Dummies

Agenda 21 has been implemented and continues to:
-destroy the American family,
-strip Americans of their land,
All this bullshit which currently threatens our livelihood wasn't accidental, it was planned.

writer "Restores Sanity" with punch

Executive producer & writer for the Jon Stewart Show punches 9/11 truth activist at book signing
for asking questions in regards to WTC 7 and the contradictions of 9/11.

Highlights I caught of Colbert & Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity seemed purely comical,
basically making satire of the harsh times at hand.
What America doesn't need is another rock concert which fails to address the issues.
I highly doubt celebs such as Ozzy Osbourne
will be making any valid points which the U.S. will benefit from.

CIA deals drugs.....? Well I'll be...!!!

Los Angeles narcotics detective Michael Ruppert confronts CIA director under Clinton John Deutch
regarding the CIA's involvement in the smuggling and distribution of cocaine across America.
He refers to specific CIA drug operations in his speech:

The Iran/Contra scandal tied many prominent politicians into corruption which spilled crack onto the poverty stricken streets of the United States.
-George Bush Sr. was head of the CIA at the time
-Ronald Reagan was president
-Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas,
where an abundance of drugs were funneled through Mena Airport
-many links connect both Bush brothers (George W. & Jeb) to the mix as well.
All of said politicians were involved in important factors within the operation
whether they admit it, matters not, they have all been tied into it in some way shape or form.

Ronald Reagan admits guilt:

A young Ron Paul speaks about the topic:

John Stockwell, former CIA officer:

Gary Webb, journalist run out of town for exposing the ordeal:

American Dad sums up the Oliver North connection:

US Marine Corps officer & National Security Council member Oliver North at the hearings:

Dealer & pawn "Freeway" Ricky Ross:

The CIA & Crack Cocaine

Deficit Defacation

The National Debt has increased approximately $5 trillion
since Nancy Pelosi vowed upon inauguration in 2007 that there would be "no new deficit spending".

Pelosi is the 60th speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives,
and has added more to the deficit than the last 57 speakers combined.

BP linked to human death in Gulf

Marine Toxicologist & Exxon Valdez survivor Riki Ott
warns citizens within range of the BP oil spill to evacuate.
Stating that "3-4 autopsies" are underway due to the health risks posed by the oil
& Corexit, the dispersant used to cover its tracks.
She also sited their are multiple accounts of people only capable of using "4.7% of their lung capacity",
with "enlarged hearts", and "dissolved esophagus'" which coincide with the spill.
The spill has been on the back burner covered up by a media blackout
which hopes to curb the topic in regards to the upcoming elections.

There's also allegations that the disaster is not only a cover-up,
but possibly a false flag event propagated by military operations.
For pete's sake, Halliburton had completed cementing of the oil well 20 hours before the disaster,
and had bought the company Boots & Coots only 8-days before it occurred.
A company which not only specializes in oil clean-up, but is the worlds largest in the field.

oil still present in the gulf

risk to national seafood posed by the disaster

ecological risk to aquatic life

Social Networking Predators

With such an extreme amount of individuals having been labeled as such,
there was bound to be a few fuck-ups, such as a few innocents being labeled & banned from the site.

Thankfully enough, those sex offenders caught on the social networking site were banned,
and most likely have ended up on facebook or simply are now using an alias.

Adding insult to injury

Georgia supreme court has ruled in favor of placing non-sexual offenders
on the sex offenders list.
Why would they come to such an unruly decision?
So those searching through sex offender databases would be horrified when they
realized they work/neighbor an "offender" on the list.
What other explanation could there possibly be?

Family Watchdog sex offender list

DOJ sex offender registry

UK police punch stab victim

Shocking footage of a stab victim being punched in the head by the same police sent to help him.
Where was he stabbed? In the head of course....
Have a heart you de-sensitized jerk offs,
I don't care what this dude might have said in their presence, he just suffered serious injury.

Lunch Nazi's

My heart goes out to the kid who has his lunch money snatched by the school bully.
No free rides nowadays lil' man, not even the lunch lady

can save your empty gut now.

Can you imagine schools of the future providing bullies & lunch ladies who work in tandem,
in efforts to earn wages for the state?
It's bad enough the schools have begun using psychology to persuade children to pick certain foods from the lunch line.
Can you imagine, the psyche mind fuck reaching out of the class rooms and extending into the cafe?

Global Threat: National ID

Showing ID is nothing new to Germans.

Hitler & the Nazis wrote the requirement to do so into law in 1939 & the process has remained since.

The new cards will contain:
-a digital biometric photograph,
-retina scan,
-the infamous Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) microchip,
which will store all their information and aid in:
-identifying users on the internet,
-authenticating digital signatures,
-tracking via GPS coordinates.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI in German)
claims the cards will protect users from hackers and websites which phish for personal data.
But the German Chaos Computer Club (CCC) exposed the flaws in the software on TV
by hacking the new ID's with basic spyware.

2011 will see the birth of Secure Identity Across Borders Linked (STORK)
which will link the process of identification across the borders of 17 participating EU nations.

Tony Blair proposed the plan would protect UK citizens against identity theft.
It would later be revealed that to gather funds for the National ID project,
the personal information of 44 million British residents would be sold to private companies.
Regardless, a 2005 Reuters report proved the technology may actually increase identity theft.
Jim Harper, director at CATO institutes information of policy studies declared:
"there is no practical way" of making the national ID fraud-proof.

Won't be long before they reach the shores of America.
They've already tried introducing them at both the borders of Mexico & Canada.
Europe has always been the case test, once new developments are implemented there,
and show positive results, not soon there after they are mandated here.
Bet your ass these cards will be used for the internet in the future,
this has already occurred in such countries as Dubai and Chinese countries such as Tibet.

By all means, citizens worldwide should resist the use of National ID's.
As Richard Esguerra of EFF has pointed out, the ID would most likely expand upon its purpose.
Such as using it to identify sex offenders, or criminals (which I wouldn't be against)
but how long until you go to the store, your card is swiped, and you are denied a purchase,
or worse arrested, because your card reveals you owe a debt to the offshore corporations
who fund and run this government?

why you should resist the national ID

Ian Brown - say no to national ID (song)


EPIC - national ID/ real ID

Truth be Told

During his closing speech of a run for senate in the state of Montana, Libertarian Stan Jones
nationally sheds light on the:
-the New World Order
-the North American Union
-National ID card
-the NAFTA superhighway

Sadly, Mr. Jones developed argyria (permanently turns the skin blue/grey)
from his self-medicating use of colloidal silver:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Worms of the Big Apple

Jimmy McMillan who formerly ran for mayor in 2005 & 2009 is now running for governor of NYC
under the Rent is Too Damn High Party.
The party seeks to lower rent and thus lower poverty & crime, increasing employment.

He's not the only sideshow in the midst.
He runs against former madam Kristin Davis.
Who ran one of the most successful prostitution rings in history.
Whose clientele ironically included former governor of NY Eliot Spitzer.
Who recently got a show on CNN.
You can't make this shit up, guy gets caught buying prostitutes only 2 years ago
and now has his own show on a major news network.
Kristin Davis hitting the scene must have been a re-emerging nightmare for Spitzer.
The hypocrisy of the event: Spitzer for years took a firm stance against prostitution.
Would you expect no less?

The Fed: save the best for last?

November 3rd (conveniently the day after Americans hit the polls)
will conclude the Fed's next policy committee meeting.
Possibly the most important meeting in history....?

2010 has been one of the most dramatic years to date as far as I and many are concerned.
You may not realize that from watching CNN or FOX, but beneath the surface, turmoil has run rampant.
What will be in store for the final 2 months of this year, and even more frightening:
the many years to come?

END the FED!

Obscuring the Message

I'm not a religious man, but it doesn't take a genius to realize
the original message of Jesus Christ has been severely obscured, manipulated, & abused.
Furthering the maniacal agendas of the evil.

End the War... on drugs

Comedic actor Zach Galifianiakis recently appeared on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher
and fired up a joint in support of California's proposition 19,
which if passed would allow Cali citizens to grow 25 square feet of marijuana.

411: No democrat has backed prop. 19.
The states debt has nearly tripled since "the Governator" took office 7 years ago.
Holding the countries second largest public bond debt.
The legalization of canibus would earn the state $8-9 billion dollars.

If constituted prop. 19 would prove to be a wise decision for investors
as the market prepares to take on "ganja bonds" upon being passed.

Economic/political analyst Max Keiser who created the
"virtual specialist technology" used by the Hollywood Stock Exchange:

Harvard economics professor Jeffrey Miron believes all drugs should be legal.
This would save the nation $41.3 billion of expenditure fueled into the "war on drugs".
($25.7 billion to state, $15.6 billion to federal)
Additionally garnishing $46.7 billion in tax revenue annually.
($8.7 billion alone from the legalization of marijuana)

Some U.S. Facts:

-over 1.4 million drug related arrests have been made this year
on par to beat 2007's record of 1.8 million

-more than 612k arrests have been made this year for canibus alone

-someone's arrested for a drug violation every 17 seconds

-nearly 4,000 new HIV infections from this year alone can be prevented
if the federal ban on needle exchange is lifted this year
(10 cases a day)

-Over $42 billion has spent this year alone on combating the use of drugs

prohibition: the so-called war on drugs:
1 2

basic facts about the war on drugs

10 ways to make money from the legalization of pot

How Weed Won the West video

drug war clock

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Suburban Decay

Analysis conducted by the Brookings Institution has concluded
the suburbs are home to 1/3 of America's poor.
Since 2000 the number has risen over 37% resulting in 13.7 million people living below the poverty line.
The sharp increase in the growth of suburban poverty has more than double the urban rate,
and is even higher than the national figure of 26.5%
The number of poor living in the burbs now exceeds those in the city by 1.6 million.
I believe these numbers are symbolic of the governments efforts to destroy the middle class
and corral the majority of America into the city.
Whereby they can finance the land to corporations and foreign interests.
One needs only look towards the United Nations: Agenda 21 or the CLEAR act for proof of their desire to give suburbia the boot.

The government reports that nationally 14.3% live below the belt of poverty.
Which is roughly 43.6 million, or 1 in 7.
These numbers have been highly manipulated,
and many experts estimate that number to be much higher
So governments estimate that 20% of U.S. children live in poor environments is conservative.

The current unemployment rate sits at 17.1% on the books, once again, a conservative figure.
ShadowStats predicts the number is far closer to 22%.
There are currently 300 million Americans, 154.4 million on the workforce.
If only 10% were unemployed, approximately 15 million would be out of work.
At the height of the Great Depression in 1933, 24.9% of the work force were unemployed.
At that time there was only 123 million Americans.
24.9% of the workforce leaves 11,385,000 unemployed in 1933.
Today's number of unemployed far exceeds the depression statistics by almost double
once you ween out the cooked book figures & deal with the real data.
Additionally, the length of unemployment has reached depression numbers.

Notably what got America out of its slump during the depression
was the fact that our country was a manufacturing guru. Giants of the industry.
Today our talents have been outsourced to other countries,
we've not only given our innovations away for profit, but even used taxpayer money to fund the training necessary to get the ball rolling.
Americans of the time survived due to the fact that they were mostly self sufficient,
today we rely heavily on a network of programs in nearly every aspect of our life.

50 interesting facts about the great depression

Tea bagged?

Harsh words, coming from the parties co-founder, of a group created a little over a year ago.
He goes on to say typical discussion amongst party members involves:
Furthermore he describes how the party has been infiltrated by mainstream Republicans
seeking to use the party strictly to obtain the votes of those upset with current incumbents.
Even name dropping a few:
-Sarah Palin
-Newt Gingrich
-Bob Barr
These individuals and others have injected their own agenda into the mix
causing the party to lose it's way at such a critical junction in politics.

It's important to note that not everybody affiliated with the party is corrupt.
Ron Paul for example, is the truth, hands down.
His son Rand Paul, (running in Kentucky) shares many of the same ideals but also differs on some aspects, none the less he is far more suitable for the job then his opposition: Jack Conway.
It's just with all this confusion, you don't know who deserves the vote or not,
the worms are in fact rotting the apple.
Appears the party, like many before it, will become yet another political memory,
such as those of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Karl added a great one liner to the mix:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WTC: evidence of pyrotechnics

Physicist Jeff Farrer is one of the many scientists
who discovered thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center ruins.
Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition.
There can be no explanation as to why it was present at ground zero,
other than for the purpose of an serving as an explosive substance.
The following interview will be featured in the upcoming documentary:
"911 Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

There's no excuse as to why Americans aren't fuming mad over all the recent findings.
If you discussed 9/11 truth with me 5 years ago I would've shown skepticism
but ultimately would've denied American collusion.
It was a taboo subject and seemed un-patriotic to even question in simple discussion.
At this point, it would be un-patriotic to bear witness to a mere quarter of this evidence
and not actively voice your concern on the matter.

Nation fed up with Republicrats

-62% of all voters believe the country would be better off
if most of those presently in congress get the boot come November

-43% don't believe either party in congress represents them
(53% of mainstream voters only)

The nation is screaming for an alternative,
where's the Tea Party?

Obama Citizenship Rally

Attorney Phillip Berg has been instrumental in
investigating the validity of Barack Obama's citizenship.
He recently held a rally in D.C. calling on Obama to show his birth certificate or resign.
Unfortunately (and obviously) the event fell victim to a media blackout & failed to get airtime.
Here is some excerpts of the event:

Not sure what's going on with the links, believe they were numbered out of sync:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Banking with Hitler

371 Swiss banks stand accused of funding the Nazis during WWII.
Upon investigation U.S. secretary of treasury Henry Morgenthau discovered
British & American bankers also bankrolled the Third Reich,
even as the German war machine was bombing London & invading Europe.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) laundered the stolen gold of Europe.
The bank still conducts business to this day and is not accountable by any national governments.
It's an intergovernmental organization which serves as thee bank for central banks.
Originally a joint effort consisting of key players from the Bank of England, and top Nazis.
An establishment headed by an American named Thomas McKittrick.

The BIS was not alone, many other banks were also in collusion,
including a top American bank, whose branch in Paris, then under German occupation,
knowingly froze the accounts of French Jews.
Consequentially, without money to escape many ended up in concentration camps.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Political Costume Ideas

Seeing as Halloween is right around the filthy corner,
let me take this opportunity to share some costume ideas which came to mind.
For those truly looking to make a statement this year, can't think of a better year to do so!
Certainly can't forget the event occurs all but a few days before the November 2nd elections either.

1) Homeless Uncle Sam:
who better to represent America in these dire times?
Complete the ensemble with a cardboard sign which reads:
"Obama, think you can spare that CHANGE now?"
This was my idea, but ironically I can't afford it in these cash strapped times,
pretty disappointed to say the least.

2) The Terrorist Patriot/Forefathers:
best as a group outing, maybe a lil' Ben Franklin, some Thomas Jefferson or simply an activist.
Not sure how to pull off the terrorist part off, but where there's a will, there's a way.

3) A Fluoride Zombie:
Show the world what really stole your brains and sucked the lifeblood out of America
This one should be fairly simple to pull off,
but may prove tedious repetitively groaning "Fluoride" in replace of "Brains".

4) Monsanto GMO Animal or Frankenfood:
the mad scientists of Monsanto want to play god?
Show em' a diabolic creation which proves nothing goes according to plan.

5) Communist Obama:
They'll be a fair share of Obama masks out there,
& comi gear can usually be found at your local army barracks.

6) Blue Beam Alien:
With all the ET gossip going around lately, aliens should be this years pimp costume.
Simple extraterrestrial getup
adorned with the words Blue Beam on the back should suffice.

7) Lady Justice Zombie:
Zombies have been growing in popularity since the Thriller video,
there exists a whole culture obsessed with the undead,
from movies, to zombie marches, to survival books...
It's gotten out of hand, quiet lame in my eyes.
Don't get me wrong. I'm a Fulci fan so I appreciate a GOOD zombie flick
(emphasis on good for those that didn't get the hint)
but if you plan on going as the walking dead this year, make it count.
This costume will prove that justice is truly dead in your eyes.
The perfect option for the girl not looking to go as the typical skank this year.

8) NSA's Big Brother:
We who strive in this police state are under constant surveillance nowadays,
especially if you have an opposing opinion.
Remind those that are naive to the fact, that: "Big Brother is Watching You"
Maybe a business suit or some sort of mech outfit,
with fake exterior cameras attached, maybe a boom mic if possible.

9) Debtor Slave/Prisoner:
If those experts not paid off by corporate America are right,
we will all (if not already) be slaves to debt.
Figure the "Average Joe" get up should be good,
beer drinking helmet, football jersey, snacks,
& maybe the ball from the chain gang with "DEBT" written on it.

10) "Skank Ho" Statue of Liberty:
The global elite have "turnt that bitch out".
I figure, girls will be girls, & many can't dream of going as anything that doesn't show off their bodies.
Which is why I was glad to see the local 7-day forecast predicts it's gonna be under 50 degrees that night, possibly upper 40's... I sure hope so!
But if you insist upon letting it all hang out, do it as the "Ho Trick Statue of Liberty".
Kudos for combining the outfit with a "Pimp Obama" or something of the sort.

11) Global Warming Cult:
This one will most likely have to be a group effort, and I'm not exact on how it can even be pulled off.
But if coordinated correctly this will truly be a case of striking while the iron is hot.
Between the Al Gore effort and Hollywood disinformation, last years lie, has been exposed
due to the fact that the data has shown to be false and forged, and
we are in the midst of enduring one of the worst winters of most of our lifetimes.

12) Oil Drinking BP Shrimp:
one of the single worst ecological disasters to ever occur has all but been forgotten,
remind people that the seafood is still not safe and we will not forget this tragedy.
Will work best if you can have a knack for building foam suits similar to Kaiju Big Battel.
One would only need a foam suit and a oil funnel, maybe an empty oil container.
To further get the point across you could write BP somewhere on the outfit.

13) ObamaCare Death Panel Nurse:
this one will let everybody know that under the soon to be enacted Obama health care plan,
granny will indeed be expendable in the eyes of the courts.
This one would be nice for a couple, especially for a woman who's either in a wheelchair already,
or would look forward to being carted around all night.
The nurse will wear exaggerated nurse scrubs and Obama mask covered by surgeons mask.
A nice touch on the scrubs would be an ObamaCare logo:

The patient should dress overly elderly, if they are elderly even better.
The senior should sit in a wheelchair with restraints and headpiece on it like an electric chair.
The words "Death Panel" on it might get the message out more clear if necessary.
A mannequin will do if you can't find a pair

Obama & Patrick: 2012?

I simply can't believe there's still a fraction of the populous
who remains under the notion that this duo would benefit them.
After stumbling upon this photograph I almost want to go so far as to say
that Obama might run for re-election in 2012 with Deval Patrick as his running mate.
Seriously, no amount of "white guilt" can persuade me that either candidate deserves my vote.
They're crooks, plain and simple.
Neither serves the people, but instead put on their song & dance for corporate interest.
Patrick: you messed up from day one,
wasting $11k of taxpayer money to furnish the statehouse with new drapes
Obama: where do we start?
To make it blunt, you promised change, & instead changed the promise!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Codes You Shouldn't Know

Name Codes:
- Code Oscar: man overboard (on a ship)
- Code Delta: biological hazard
- Code Alpha: medical emergency
- Code Adam: missing child,
in memory of 6 year old Adam Walsh, son of John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted
- Code Bravo: general security alert (airports)
also means fire (on a ship)
- Inspector Sands (or Mr. Sands): fire (UK)
referred to as Mr. Sands or Mr. Johnson in cases of a theater fire
- Mr. Gravel: bomb (UK)

Computer Support Codes:
- Code PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard & Chair
- Code PICNIC: Problem In Chair, Not In Computer
- ID 10 T Error: Idiot

Doctor Codes:
- Dr. Brown: threat to personnel
- Dr. Allcome: serious emergency
- Dr. Firestone: fire in the hospital
- Dr. Pyro: fire in the hospital, followed by location
- Dr. Strong: patient needs physical assistance or physical restraint

Color Codes:
- Black: a personal threat (Australia)
bomb threat (Ontario/Manitoba)
bomb threat/ suspicious package (military)
- Grey: combative person with no weapons (HASC)
severe weather (Cook Children's Medical Center, Ft. Worth, TX)
- Green: combative person using physical force (most U.S. hospitals)
evacuation situation (Ontario/ Winnipeg Hospitals
- Pink: biohazard contamination of patient or staff (Heartland Regional Medical Center)
patient under influence of illegal substances (UK First Aid organizations)
- Purple: bomb/substance alert (Australia)
hostage situation/ patient abduction (Ontario Hospital Association)
emergency department can no longer accept patients (Canada/ Wellstar Health Group)
- Silver: combative person with a lethal weapon (HASC)
violent situation/lockdown (Cook Children's Medical Center, Ft. Worth, TX)
- Yellow: missing patient (Ontario Hospital emergency codes)
- Orange: external disaster, mass casualties (Ontario Medical)
- Brown: missing adult (University of Toledo medical/ University of Cincinnati medical)

Police Codes (Ten Codes):
- 187: homicide
- 211: armed robbery
- 415: disturbance
- 417: man or woman with a gun
- 502: intoxicated driver
- 5150: mentally ill person
- 459: burglary
- 420: marijuana
- 10-31: crime in progress
- 10-27-1: homicide (10 is usually not said in 3 number sequence)
- 10-00 (10 double zero) officer down

Wal-Mart Codes:
- Code 10 or 20: dry spill/ wet spill
- Code 300: calls for security
- Code Orange: chemical spill
- Code Red: fire
- Code Blue: bomb
- Code Green: hostage situation
- Code White: accident
- Code C: call for customer service

Time check in stores (i.e. Time Check: the time is 12:00)
commonly refers to a bomb alert

Code 10: mass casualties/serious threat (hospitals)
also refers to a merchant becoming suspicious of a check/credit card and calling for authorization

Toddler possibly infected with HIV

After being taken to a New York hospital for a minor skin rash,
a 3 year old girl accidentally pricked herself with dirty needles found on the floor
in a biohazard bucket with a broken lid full of uncapped dirty needles.
She's now being treated with a cocktail of powerful drugs to prevent HIV and has become ill.
It will take 6 months until they know if the lil' girl has contracted anything.
Certain measures can be taken nowadays to assure things like this don't happen,
the mother has quite the lawsuit on her hands, best of luck to the child.

Troop Deportation

As of May 2010, nearly 17k non-citizens serve in active duty for the United States.
Up to 8,000 non-citizens enlist every year.
If they die while on duty they obtain citizenship and a military funeral.
If they get in trouble with the law, they risk being deported to whichever country they hail from,
as outlined in the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform & Immigrant Responsibility Act.
An estimated 4,000 vets who served as far back as WWII
rot in immigration detention centers or have been deported.

Acid King exposed

In 1967 the Rolling Stones were partying at the home of guitarist Keith Richards,
when a police raid occurred which nearly threatened to tear the band apart.
For 40 years the rock outfit insisted the event was the work of an informant dubbed:
the Acid King, a guest who was never heard from again.
Turns out, time tells all.
David Sniderman was the snitches real name.
He concocted a scheme to sell acid in the UK, but was caught with weed in customs.
He was then given an ultimatum by Britain's MI5 who were in cahoots with FBI's Cointelpro:
set up the Stones, or go to jail.
David set up the Stones, moved to California and sequentially changed his name to David Jove.
He would later brag to girlfriends and members of his family of the incident,
finally confessing to his daughter on his deathbed.
It's rumored he may have killed musician & TV personality Peter Ivers after discovering the host wanted to leave a TV show David produced.

Water on the Moon

Scientists have discovered the moon has its own water cycle.
Previously shadowed areas of the moon are said to not only contain ice crystals, but large bodies of water.
The finding further proves that if escape from earth was crucial to the survival of humanity,
terraforming the moon is a definite possibility, and most likely are best bet at the moment.
As Stephen Hawking has said, departure is of the essence.

where did the moon come from?

Idiot Nation

Further proof that the world has gone retarded:
the most googled celebrities of 2010

Considering the fact that he's an epic icon who passed away suspiciously,
all those who googled Michael Jackson get a pass,
lets face it: you could spend weeks on how interesting the man (if you can call him that) was.
But Lady Gaga? This pop puppet is a mere flash in the pan, a fad.
One so starved for attention she wore a dress ensemble made by the local butcher,

complete with meat boots, meat hat.. and lest not we forget: meat head.
Can you say: salmonella?
Or this magazine cover in which she adorned a meat bikini, topped with meat jewelry:

How about some "man-meat", how about you wear that next time?
An outfit solely made of recycled corpse penises... how's that for outrageous?
Just to prove how preposterous this she-devil is, here's footage from merely a few years ago:

your typical girl next door who would go on to sell her soul
concocting PR stunts to stir up controversy and get her name on the lips of the populous.
Lady Caca!

Homebrew Gods

in the confines of their own homes.
Genetically engineering the lifeforms of tomorrow.

The website held a contest to see who could build the best organism from their home lab.
Calling for "mad scientists", "grassroot geneticists", & "garage genome hackers".
The winner created a bacteria which aids rice plants in processing nitrogen more efficiently.
Another winner created a more devilish idea entitled "Blue Forest",
a carnivorous water-growing tree.
The creation inspired famed comic book artist Kevin O'Neill to render this drawing:

The comic book super villains of the future will consist of the nerds in the back row,
covered in spitballs, ears Rudolph red from enduring a bullies constant flicking.
Choose your swirlies wisely.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Abortions: continuity of Eugenics

Just to give people an idea of where Bill Gates is coming from
regarding his views on population control and the like,
one needs only look at the roots of his family tree.
Bill Gates is the son of the president of planned parenthood,
the pro-abortion program originally founded by Margaret Sanger,
a devout racist and Negative Eugenics enthusiast.
Despite her horrid views
she's still regarded by the Smithsonian as one of the top 100 women of the century
and even has her name bestowed on the Margaret Sanger award,
which Hillary Clinton recently accepted.

The program was originally titled the American Birth Control League,
but changed its name after WWII due to Hitler giving the phrase "birth control" a bad rap.
Hitler was also a Eugenics nut for those who are in the dark on the matter.
Matter of fact, Mrs. Sanger nearly tutored Hitler on the subject.
As the original founder, Margaret Sanger stated she saw birth control as a means to prevent "dysgenic" children from being born into a disadvantaged life.
In her essay "A Plan for Peace" she stated:
"Keep the doors of immigration closed to the entrance of certain aliens whose condition is
known to be detrimental to the stamina of the race"

Such as (her own words):




-professional prostitutes


-others in this class barred by the immigration laws of 1924.

"Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring."

Do you understand?
Abortion clinics were originally intended to stunt the growth of races Eugenicists dubbed inferior.
To detour them from mixing in with society and "contaminating the gene pool" as they saw it.
Regardless the effort still continues to this day unabated, receiving $53-million last year alone.

To get the record straight: I've always been pro-choice, people make mistakes.
Women should not be forced to bear the offspring of rapists or even
go through parenthood single or unready purely because they made a mistake.
Obviously they should wait no longer than 2 weeks or so before the fetus develops.
It takes 18-21 days for a heartbeat and 48 days for brainwaves to establish.

African Americans suffered most from the effects of abortion.
After slavery ended, negroes were an unwanted breed by many.
Sanger in a supervisory role under the guise of planned parenthood carried out the Negro Project,
an effort to contain and diminish what they perceived as a "negro threat".
Presently African Americans account for 37% of the nations abortions.
1,452 African Americans are killed each day from abortion.
52% of African American pregnancies end in abortion.
You need a 2.1 fertility rate to sustain population, and current figures are 1.97 and decreasing.

The effects of abortion do not end at
85% of women who have endured at least one abortion suffering from psychological abnormalities
or 60% still crying when questioned about their experience.
The National Cancer Institute has stated that in 1996 alone 5,000 cases of breast cancer were linked to abortion, and the number of victims would increase by 500 each year.
Turkey states there's a 66% chance breast cancer will develop in women who received abortions.
A Russian study found those who had one or more abortions had a 200% chance of receiving breast cancer.
Theoretically, women are 200 times more likely to die from aborting their first pregnancy,
then carrying the fetus to term.

More troubling is the United States going to "3rd world" countries and the like
and withholding benefits/aid over the heads of the needy,
requiring them to follow the guidelines set forth by planned parenthood to receive them.
There's rumors these ultimatums were even enforced upon a fraction of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Long story short,
there's really no reason to question the motives of Billy Gates when he
justifies death panels
stating its best humans die due to their carbon emissions.


WSJ: Eugenics by Abortion

Abortion & the Echo of Eugenics

Margaret Sanger: in her own words

Avatar-esque Struggle in the Amazon

Director James Cameron & actress Sigourney Weaver
spotlight real-life Avatar struggle in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil,
shedding light on future plans to build the Belo Monte Dam along the Xingu River.
If the plan goes through many indigenous tribes will lose villages their ancestors held sacred for centuries due to diversion of the rivers natural water flow, sending many of them underwater.
Flooding estimates of 668 square kilometers, and displacing more than 20k people.
The $17-billion project will additionally contaminate the ecosystem generating methane,
which the global warming hypocrisy should note is 25 times more potent greenhouse gas.

Sigourney Weaver narrating a Google Earth 3-D tour of the area

take action petition

Coral Islands expand

Experts decree the oceans have risen 4.8 inches over the last 60 years.
An average of .08 inches per year.
In what seems to be yet another instance of Mother Nature's balancing act,
coral island in the South Pacific have actually grown in size.

Globalists Deathbed Confession

Pastor Lindsey Williams,
is author of the "Energy Non-Crisis", a book which proves first-hand that:
he who controls energy, controls the economy.
Mr. Williams often stirs up controversy when his insight meets public ears.
Recently he revealed a globalist who serves as CEO for one of the big 3 oil companies
and is also a member of the elusive Bilderberg Group
confided in him a deathbed confession.

Deadly Premonitions:
-America will be unrecognizable within 2 years
-you can only rely on gold and silver
-Americans will become extremely poor
-We will be at war with Iran in 4-5 months
-nearly everyone will be working for the government: communism
-oil prices will rise to $150-$200 a barrel
-sequentially gasoline at the pump will rise from $4-$5 a gallon
-this will cause a massive increase in inflation
-causing the dollar to die by 2012

Friday, October 22, 2010

Iraq War Logs

Wikileaks strikes again,
this time releasing the impressive Iraq War Logs,
over 391k reports detailing the war and occupation in Iraq (from 1/1/04 - 12/31/09).
Soldiers first hand accounts of the trials and tribulations experienced in the country.
It details over 109k deaths, comprised of 66k + civilian deaths (60%), & nearly 30k enemy kills.
Which amounts to an average of 31 civilian deaths each day over the 6 year period.
The previously released Afghan War Diaries only accounted for a total of 20k deaths,
in a span of the same time frame on a population of similar size, making this 5 times as lethal.

Many have questioned the background of WikiLeaks founder Julian Asange.
Previous posts on the site have been erased,
which is a travesty in itself and I hope they are re-posted soon.

The website recently lost much of its funding due to being blacklisted by the U.S. government.
Once this occurs anybody caught funding the site risks being prosecuted for supporting "terrorism".

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"
- Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Nation of Broken Homes

According to the U.S. Census Bureau,
as of November, 2009, there exists 13.7 million single parents in the United States.
These parents are responsible for raising 21.8 million children (26% of under 21's in the U.S.)

The Consequences of Single Parent Families:
-84% of custodial parents are mothers
-38.4% of these children live in poverty
-by 1996 children with unmarried mothers were 5 times as likely to be poor
-and 10 times as likely to be extremely poor
-75% of American children living in single parent homes will experience poverty before 11
-children growing up without fathers are 4.3 times more likely to smoke cigarettes as teens
-and dramatically run the risk of abusing drugs & alcohol
-children growing up in single families are 3 times more likely to have emotional/behavioral problems
-3 out of 4 suicides occur in homes where a parent has been absent
-fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school
-teens from broken homes are 10 times more likely to be chronic juvenile offenders
and obviously run a dramatically increased risk of ending up in prison as adults

Brain Damage: the Next Generation

children and teenagers who use cell phones are 5 times more likely to develop brain cancer.
In Britain alone, 9 out of 10 16-year-old's have their own phones
and 40% of primary schoolchildren.

Their smaller heads and thinner skulls leave them far more vulnerable,
allowing radiation to reach further into the depths of their brain.
The study specifically found that those who started using cell phones before the age of 20
had a five-fold increase in Glioma, a cancer of the glial cells,
which support the central nervous system.
Those who started young, also were 5 times more likely to develop acoustic neuromas,
benign but often debilitating tumors of the auditory nerve,
which usually lead to deafness.

People who started using cell phones after the age of 20 were 50% more likely to develop gliomas
and twice as likely to develop acoustic neuromas.

Similarly certain skeptics question whether or not internet WiFi poses long term risks.

Most current phones teeter on the brink of lawful radiation levels.
Thing is, radiation levels are monitored by how much is emitted in a single dose,
but nowadays people are exposed to multiple doses each and every day.
Despite research proving the cell phones can be harmful to certain age groups,
the government has done nothing to warn the public.
Many mobile phone companies such as Firefly advertise exclusively to children,
yet on their website I found no warnings of the danger of cell phone radiation exposure & child risk.