Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fluoride Truth aims at making whistleblowing safer & more widespread.

Obama's instruction manual to Egypt

Revolution in Egypt

get internet when the Gov shuts it down

Under new emergency powers, Obama has the power to shut down the internet for 4 months.
PC World released a short expose on how to acquire internet when times get tough.

How to Start a Revolution

Revolution is the DUTY of the people

UFO: Temple Mount, Israel

Egypt Doublespeak

JFK 2: the Bush connection

Monday, January 17, 2011

Chilean confronts Rockefeller

toxic "green" lightbulbs pollute our landfills

U.S. pulling Afghan "suspects" from homes

Money to the People - Not to the Banks!

Bush, Reagan let drugs flow free

Guantanamo: 10th year of torture

Tunisia: mercenaries arrested

Jerusalem: birthplace of modern terrorism

Rahm Emmanuel & the Chicago Crime Syndicate

The GO! Team - Get it Together

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shadow Government

Attack in Dealey Plaza

9/11: the Great Illusion

William Rodriguez testifies regarding 9/11

Waco: Rules of Engagement

Oklahoma City: what really happened?

the American Dream

who killed John Wheeler?

John P. Wheeler was found dead in a Delaware landfill, obviously the coroner ruled it a homicide.
Mr. Wheeler was
- a member of the Council on Foreign Relations,
- consultant to the Mitre Corporation,
- an expert in chemical & biological warfare
- served many roles in the military & government,
- had the highest security clearance,
& was
- aide to 3 United States presidents: Reagan, Bush Sr. & W.

Floor boards were found ripped up in the kitchen of his home.
The murder still remains a mystery.

FDA sets its sights on Vitamin C

The FDA is now banning the sale of injectable vitamin C, a highly beneficial nutrient.
The reason: it can't be patented, and therefore can't be subject to the FDA's expensive standard testing.
Score - Big Pharma: 1, Human Beings: 0.

Truth & Lies of 9/11

Secret Rulers of the World: Bilderberg Group