Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck - plots & thoughts

for a "sex tape or phone records"
or any info which will "remove Glenn Beck from the public eye forever".
They even setup an email at
The article was later removed but the sentiment still lingers.

Not too long ago journalist Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 for the full Journolist archive.
"To offer the American public a unique insight in the workings of the Democrat-media complex"
Journolist of course being the forum where many left-wing members of the press congregated for a stealth meeting of the minds to ensure Obama would win the 2008 presidency.

On a separate occasion Breitbart
offered the equivalent bounty for "audio/video footage of the 'N-word' being hurled at Congressmen John Lewis & Andre Carson".
Lewis & Carson (both African-American)claimed they suffered racial abuse on March 20th as they walked through a Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill.
This was more of a sarcastic offer to point out that such footage doesn't exist as it never truly took place, and was really yet another tactic the Dems used to try and persuade the masses that Tea Party members were really anti-semites in disguise.

I'm all for the tea party, not the right wing posers who dress up in tea party regalia and masquerade similar to wolves in sheep's clothing,
but those that oppose the tyranny in our present day political system and discuss ways to grow and branch off
If a tea party member goes head to head in a debate with some unethical Republicrat,
I will fully support their cause if their motives seem honest & just.

As for Glenn Beck, I'm a fan, I watch his show several days a week.
Though I oppose several of his standpoints
(such as his denial of the existence of FEMA camps & the possibility of impending martial law)
I do agree with him on many others
(such as the White House's close ties with the Weather Underground, & the Global Elite)
All in all I support anybody who actively opposes a system which protects its representatives over its citizens.

Though unfortunately for the Republic his views come limited and restrained as at the end of the day he still receives a paycheck from Fox.
If a television news broadcast exists which truly has no hidden agendas, please let me know.
As I'm sick of having to go to Fox if the president's a Democrat or CNN if Republican
just to get a taste of the truth.
Another front I disagree with Glenn Beck on is religion, he pushes it like a car salesman,
always sneaking it in where he finds fit.
His "Restoring Honor" rally was a senseless demonstration configured by Fox media as far as I'm concerned.
Banishing picket signs, & insisting demonstrators keep views on key topics which will soon bury us in the shadows.
Instead choosing to focus on achievements of the past & encouraging us that God will help us find our way.
The division of religion & state Mr. Beck.
He constantly reminds viewers of this yet hypocritically tries to shovel religion into our politics.
Seems the only time he opposes mixing religion with state is when it's not Christianity.
Skimming reviews it seems the highlight of the rally was guest speaker Albert Pujols
a professional baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals, talking about his connection with god.
Beck and many others constantly hint that imminent doom is on the horizon,
the economy, governments actions, & what we've learned from our past mistakes
are truly signs of this.
The answer is not keeping our lips sealed & hoping "God's will" will carry us through dawn,
but rather to stand up and actively resist any oppression we encounter.
Of course, non-violence is crucial to the cause,
otherwise it would be justification to impose further stipulations upon us.
The message that Beck currently preaches is the same mentality of those whom filed in single rows to face judgment in the mustard gas chambers,
faith can soothe the soul but won't save it.

What I find interesting about Glenn Beck is his constant alarm of our inevitable downfall,
yet mainly denying the existence of factions which will enforce the necessary mandates.
I believe Beck holds the fears & ideals of such figures as Alex Jones & Mike Rivero to be true yet still has a Fox broadcast to maintain
so undoubtedly has to keep his lips sealed to protect the special interests of those who sign his checks.

Evidence of this in present in his latest novel "The Overton Window".
The books protagonist is Noah (reminiscent of Winston from George Orwelle's 1984)
who works for a PR firm which deceives the public into believing the government has good intentions despite their plan to destroy America.
Metaphorically the PR firm is mainstream media.
Noah learns of a government plot to massacre many American citizens through a group named the Founders Keepers whom symbolize the Tea Party.
The most outspoken member of this group is Danny Bailey who is no doubt based on radio talk show host & internet phenomenon Alex Jones
(a rebellious "conspiracy theorist" who also governs a slew of websites and films)
Ultimately the organization with the help of Noah expose the plot and save the nation.
In the prologue Beck defines the book as "Faction" - fiction based on facts.

Warrantless Mail Surveillance

U.S. Postal Inspection Service data reveals they approved 10k warrantless law enforcement requests to record: names, addresses, and other info from mail of suspected criminals.
In 2004-2006 99.5% of requests were approved.
These requests can cover multiple letters and packages for the same suspect.

Luckily the government has lost their latest battle
to read Yahoo emails of "suspected criminals" without first obtaining a warrant to do so.
But as with all things, time will tell if they intend to press the issue.

Warrantless Cellular Tracking

The Obama Administration is now pushing for Feds to lawfully track your cell phone location
without having to obtain a warrant.
Feds insisted Americans "enjoy no reasonable expectation of privacy"
therefore arguably
"a customer's Fourth Amendment rights are not violated when the phone company reveals to the government its own records".

Cellular tracking has had positive results in the field of recovering lost citizens living or dead.
But risks abuse from future technologies which impose harm upon individual privacy
this is inherent in such mediums as Google Latitude or Guardian Angel.
Just for shits and giggles try this!

Tracking cell numbers and locations can be a snap

Sunday, August 29, 2010

H1N1 & Narcolepsy

due to suspicions that it may be linked with the neurological disorder narcolepsy
in children and adolescents.
6 cases have been reported and another 9 unconfirmed.
2.5 million Finn's have received the shot, 750 reported having harmful effects.
Sweden has currently been testing the vaccine for the same reason amidst numerous allegations.
Sweden has bought 18 million doses, enough for each of its citizens to receive 2 doses.

It only took 2 weeks for Australia to ban the shot
amidst reports of children becoming sick with fever, vomiting, and going into convulsions.

There's been no research to confirm the H1N1 vaccine even helps fight swine flu,
alternatively there's been studies which show it may actually increase your risk of getting it.
Vitamin D has proven to dramatically decrease the risk but is being hidden from the public.
Biologists and disease specialists have already determined its impossible for swine flu to occur in nature, which leaves only one suggestion: it's man-made.
a timeline of the flu's outbreak

In Europe 300 million people have been vaccinated. Worldwide: 90 million.
29 million children in the U.S. received the seasonal shot last winter.

Hawkings - Departure is of the Essence

Stephen Hawking recently affirmed his stance on space colonization.
In an interview with BigThink he declared the importance of finding a suitable habitat for our species to escape impending doom:
"if we can avoid disaster in the next 2 centuries,
our species should be safe as we spread into space"
He explained that as our knowledge & technology advances, we have grown capable of altering the environment for better or worse.
Pointing out that we still harbor in our genetic code selfish and aggressive instincts which were once beneficial to our survival but now may be key in our downfall.
He added:
"it will be difficult enough to avoid disaster in the next hundred years,
let alone the next thousand or million"

The article sited the fact that there remains 22,600 nukes stockpiled,
7,770 (unlucky number in this case) which are operational.
Not to mention the dangers imposed by asteroid, black hole, or supernova.

In 2006 Hawking explained we could possibly have a base on the moon in 20 years,
and a colony on mars.
More recently Hawkings cautioned of the threat aliens we strive to contact may pose
and has outlined 3 plausible ideas for time travel to help navigate our means of escape,
which include: wormholes, black holes, and super fast acceleration.

Unfortunately for the human race, space exploration increasingly faces woes due to our crippling economy, especially when mixed with an influx of delays due to the need for necessary repairs.

South of Disorder

All were lined up against the walls bound and blindfolded.
Presumably migrant workers who fell victim to drug cartel violence.
One Ecuadorean survivor escaped after being shot and informed authorities,
he stated the victims were of Salvadorean, Hondurans, Guatemalans, & Brazilians.

The same day a grenade was thrown into a bar on a beach resort in Puerta Vallarta
injuring 15, many of whom lost limbs.

28,000 have died since Felipe Calderon waged war on drugs in 2006.

False Hope

As 2009 began,
Obama insisted his $787 billion stimulus bill would create 3 to 4 million new jobs.
As that bill reaches its expiration we witness its aftermath:
-Over 2.5 million jobs have been lost since the stimulus was signed:

-Over 10 million people collect unemployment benefits

The government released a 2009 report claiming the addition of 640,000 new jobs.
The Washington Examiner in response released a map detailing 75,000 bogus jobs laden in the report.

Unbelievably government has the audacity to propose another stimulus bill to help the downhill slalom of an economy recover which in turn only puts us further down the spiral.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Law Hijacks Vehicles

DEA agents OK'd to step on private property without warning and surreptitiously plant GPS tracking units on vehicles.

This is yet another victory for the courts where citizens are stripped of further freedoms.
Next step will be AB 1942 which would allow "video event recorders" in the vehicle.

Welcome your newest passenger whom will:

-record video & audio
-calculate speed and direction
-store location history
-interpret steering & brake performance
-monitor seat belt usage

all of which will be used against you when the time arrives.
Not to mention taxpayers will foot the bill on all these new mandates, such is the law in California.

False Flag, Louisiana

Has anyone realized how much Katrina coverage has been on the news lately?
I understand it's the 5th anniversary of the nightmare storm that struck Louisiana...
but to be broadcast to this extent is a lil' overkill, no?
I'm not trying to take anything away from the survivors and heroes who defied all odds,
but I believe all this coverage is being used to overshadow the real problem at hand:
the BP Oil Spill
This problem has not gone away,
but the government would certainly like it to for the sake of the November elections.
I say this cause I witnessed a trend of nearly all new channels talking in excess about the tragedy,
yet not mentioning a single word about the ongoing devastation caused to our Eco-system by BP.

What really sparked my interest in this topic was last nights concert for Katrina entitled:
"The Gulf is Back"
hosted by sub-par celebrity David Hasselhoff

I didn't need to watch a second of the show to understand it's nothing more than wool to be pulled over the eyes.

In all actuality, the problems in Louisiana are far from over....
and it brings to mind questions which have loomed for years.
Could it be that all these incidents happening in the same area of the world are just coincidental?
If you're a religious person, do you think Louisiana is just a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah
(as I've referenced before)?
If you fully analyze both catastrophes (Katrina & the BP spill)
it's not far-fetched to believe either event could have been a staged false flag event.

Many residents of the 9th Ward,
(the poor mainly African American district most devastated by Katrina)
hold the strong belief that the levees were purposely sabotaged to prevent their rich neighbors in the French Quarters from being flooded out.
If the governments response time holds any clues then truth be damned
as Gulf states requests for troop assistance took 5 days to arrive.
a timeline

Bare in mind the case of the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927,
the lower class region was sacrificed to keep the money making rich area out of harms reach.
30 tons of dynamite were used to try and redirect the flow, this proved unnecessary and flawed.
Would this action be repeated 78 years later?

A great youtube series on the matter:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

It doesn't really take much imagination to picture how the Deepwater Horizon could have been tampered with.....

Fish Follies

40k-50k dead fish washed up in Hampton, VA
tack em onto the dead body count.
We are left to believe this is yet another instance of a hole in somebody's net.
This time they allege Omega Protein Inc. is at fault,
who fish for the sake of Omega-3 fish oil.
They primarily fish none other than Menhaden, the same fish that washed ashore in all other cases.
A lil' detective work uncovered Omega Protein Inc. recently acquired a $10 million loan from the U.S.
Something "smells fishy" here!!!
If I take my net, pull up 50k fish and there just so happens to be a hole in the net,
despite the fact that I'm sure these things are checked rigorously before being cast...?
Wouldn't the fish just dump out and go about their business, why would they be dead?
Maybe a few, but all of them? and if it wasn't all of them, did some live?
If some did live then how many fish can one single net possibly hold?

I did the math and came up with this:
-the average weight of one atlantic menhaden is .88 lbs.
-this supposed one net dumped 50,000 fish
50,000 fish x .88 lbs.= 44,000 lbs. of fish
Can one commercial net really hold 22 tons?
Atlantic menhaden spawn year round
so 44,000 lbs. x 365 days = 16,060,000
Rounded off 16 million pounds of menhaden caught a year by one boat throwing one net a day,
can you imagine how easy a work day that would be to cast one net?
In 2006 376 million lbs. of menhaden were caught in Maryland & Virginia waters.
The menhaden population is reportedly on the decline so the numbers aren't increasing annually.
This one boat casting one net a day catches 23.5% of that amount a year.
Now the Omega Corporation doesn't have just one boat working,
in 2007 they had 32 spotter planes and 61 boats,
one would assume that in 3 years that number has exponentially grown?
But we'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and say they only have 50 boats a day working.
If each of the 50 boats were to pull one net a day for a year.
The entire fleet would pull 800 million lbs. per year, 424 million more than the average.
And to boot, this is one company out of many that are fishing the area for menhaden.

Long story short, there's no fucking way this one hole in a net dumped that many fish.
My guess is this is yet another move to clear up the BP oil disaster
and the toll it has taken on the eco-system.
The carcasses of aquatic life are washing ashore globally.
This disaster has seriously disrupted the mantra of the ocean,
if one has ever tried to maintain a fish tank then they know how fragile these environments can be.
I believe Omega Protein Inc. just accepted blame on the "lets make a deal" circuit.
To skim a percentage off the recent loan they acquired.
They've been getting loans for years and currently stand in line for BP compensation.
The government is the puppet master to all these marionette corporations accepting bailouts.
They can be called on to take a dive, and I'm positive many will.

Friday, August 27, 2010

PGA: Presidential Golf Association

Obama continues his present vacation in Martha's Vineyard
polishing off many more rounds of golf.

This currently places his numbers at:
-5 vacations taken since the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
-198 rounds of golf played since the BP disaster

-by April he had played golf 32 times since being elected
which is 8 more times then W did in his entire 8 years.
At least Bush quit the game remarking:
"it just wasn't worth it anymore", to play the sport in a time of war.

Obama Family Vacation

On one of his many vacation excursions, Barrack Obama announced the Gulf is:
"open for business".
To provide further proof he & daughter Sasha took a dip in what was claimed to be "gulf waters",
a private beach in Panama City, Florida off Alligator Point in St. Andrews Bay.
Even if the location proposed was indeed correct,
this area is not a part of the gulf, but rather part of a river system
as evidenced on this map.

In fact, it was more likely the Obama's were swimming in the private pool of a military base which resides in Alligator Point, as evidenced by the blue water:

the waters of the bay are reported to be more of a green.

The swim was off-limits to the media as last time Obama was photographed topless,
he was ridiculed for having no hair on his chest.
Some going so far as to offer him a Peruvian hairless dog.

Coincidentally at 3:30pm that day a man drowned 8 miles from where they reportedly were resulting in double red flags flying daily, which means the waters closed to the public.
I tried to find a timetable to see what time the Obama's took this dip,
but unfortunately could find nothing.
Regardless, Obama didn't in fact swim in the Gulf, moving on......

The Obama's then continued their voyage stopping at "Lime's Bayside Bar & Grill",
where they ordered a round of fish tacos,
hold the phone... president Barrry actually ordered food,
the same guy who brought private chefs to the G20?
Do you believe secret service allows the president of the United States to eat meals prepared by peons,
rolling the dice by taking the risk of him possibly being poisoned or drugged?

Double Double Oil & Trouble

Bill Lehr, senior NOAA scientist concedes that 300% more oil than estimated still lies in the Gulf.
Meaning 90% of the oil is still unaccounted for.
This largely contradicts government allegations that state 75% of the oil has disappeared.
Research coming out of the University of Georgia estimates that nearly 80% still remains,
where as the University of South Florida (USF) believes a constellation of oil still resides in undersea canyons.

USF detected a 6-mile oil slick lying 2 miles below the oceans surface which NOAA confirmed.
This plume is separate from BP's Deepwater Horizon wellhead but belongs to the same oil reserve and obviously is a direct result of the blowout.
The Government, USF, & NOAA all agreed there's presently plumes as far as 142 miles away from the original spill.
Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
(which I believe to be most trustworthy)
also discovered a 22-mile long plume, 1.2-miles wide, 650 feet high, lying 3,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf.
Whether or not this is the same plume the USF team referred to is to be determined.

The company that owns the Deepwater Horizon rig has accused BP of withholding critical spill data,
BP has endured much ridicule for their denial of the existence of underwater plumes and
to add insult to injury went on a spending spree to buy up all the Gulf scientists,
paying them $250 per hour for their silence.

NOAA has been accused of hoarding key data,
and likewise USF has accused the government of squelching their findings,
siting samples collected by the USF to prove there were additional plumes in the Gulf
were borrowed by NOAA, then subsequently "lost".

The magnitude of the size of the spill as a whole has been severely miscalculated.
BP estimated that 5,000 barrels a day were dumped into the Gulf,
but later amidst much banter admitted the estimate to be more like 60,000 barrels a day.
Which would be the equivalent of one Exxon Valdez oil spill every 4 days.
For the record, each barrel consists of 42 gallons.
Individuals surveying the live feeds BP produced equate the flow to be nearly 146 gallons a minute.
Siting a garden hose flows at about 10-gallons per minute.

Chicken & Cancer

tested grilled chicken samples from several fast food chains including McDonalds & KFC
and found the presence of a carcinogenic chemical called PhIP
which is produced through the cooking process
and is a known cancer causing agent.
The group has since filed a non-profit lawsuit in response to the findings
stating that under California law warnings must be posted.

562,340 people are expected to die of cancer this year,
1/3 due to dietary factors & 30% due to tobacco.
80% of cancers on the large bowel, breast, and prostate are due to dietary factors.
So let me get this straight.... 80% of breast cancers are attributed to diet?
Ironic considering KFC runs a charity promotion called "Buckets for the Cure"
in which for every pink bucket of chicken sold they will contribute 50 cents to a group called
"Susan G. Komen for the Cure" to help fight cancer.
So by buying a bucket of chicken, you're not only contributing to cancer research,
but also to your own odds of possibly acquiring cancer. Sweet!

In a European study conducted in 2008,
excess body fat was responsible for 124,000 new cancer diagnoses.
The Scientific American in 1982 reported that:
"cancer is most frequent among those branches of the human race where carnivorous habits prevail"

Grilled chicken contains more than 10 times the amount of HCAs than grilled beef.

And then there's Arsenic, in large doses the most deadly poison.
Since the 1950's farmers have used pesticides which contain arsenic to help fight pests.
Certain plants intake the poison into their leaves, stems, and grains... particularly rice.

Poultry producers supplement chicken feed with Roxarsone,
a compound containing arsenic to help fight parasites.
The arsenic is then excreted by the fowl and becomes mixed with sawdust.
Which is in turn used as fertilizer in a repeat cycle of contamination.
These levels are exceptionally high in areas of high poultry production
such as the Delmarva Peninsula (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia)
It may be wise to warn pregnant women who eat grilled chicken and vegetables grown in this region of the repercussions this may have on their infants long term health.

Arsenic is a carcinogen which is also found in drinking water
with levels far exceeding World Health Organization guidelines.
Long term health in relation to prenatal exposure to arsenic often results in high mortality rates.
This was discovered by studies on 32 pregnant women in Thailand exposed to high levels due to tin mining.
Troubling is the fact that levels there are roughly the same as those found in drinking water supplies in the South Western United States.
Presumably due to runoff from local farms running down the Mississippi River.

Prison Sexual Abuse

New report estimates that 88,500 inmates surveyed
have suffered sexual abuse from guards and inmates.
33% more accusing guards of sexual misconduct.
Female inmates are twice as likely to endure bouts of sexual abuse.
The Pew Research Center estimates that 1.6 million were incarcerated at the end of 2009.

A similar report on youths in juvenile facilities estimates that 12% or 1 in 8 report sexual abuse,
again mostly by staff.

Acquitted - Sodomy Cops

The 25 year old Brooklyn tattoo artist who claimed cops sodomized him with a baton
after catching him smoking marijuana
was denied any damages in his $440 million lawsuit.
The case will actually cost the man money for court fees.
Guess the hole in his undies was not proof enough?

Acquitted - Anti-Cycle Cop

Jury acquitted the cop who shoved the Critical Mass cyclist to the ground during a Times Square ride in 2008.
Despite clear cut video evidence of the sneak attack the jury remained split and kept the case open due to the ex-officers lying to the ADA, which carries no jail sentence if convicted.

Clear the Kennedy name
focuses on terminating a new broadcast set to air on the History Channel entitled "The Kennedys".
The show's a right wing character assassination which chooses to not note any of the families achievements but rather shows like a TMZ script dealing with their surreptitious affairs with mistresses and the like.
Much of which is based on fiction.
Visit the site, sign the petition.

Jerry Ford - Spying & Blackmail

Recently declassified White House memo reveals President Gerald Ford
gave the green light for warrant-less wiretapping & surveillance.
Ironic considering Ford was an accidental president who took office after Nixon resigned due to the Watergate spying scandal.
One month later the Senate established the 11-member Church Committee
to investigate government surveillance programs.
Years later Ford would publicly support the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978
which W would violate in 2004 when he wiretapped 2 American lawyers.

My beef with Ford is I believe he blackmailed his way into the Oval Office.
He was appointed to the Warren Commission in 1963 to investigate the assassination of JFK,
more specifically he was to prepare a biography of Lee Harvey Oswald.
In his book "A Presidential Legacy and the Warren Commission"
(published after Gerald's death)
Ford stated:
the probe put "certain classified and potentially damaging operations in danger of being exposed".
The CIA's reaction he added "was to hide or destroy some information"
In a 1963 memo he provided the FBI with information in regards to 2 members of the Commission who were skeptical of the FBI's conclusions of the assassination.
Essentially selling out the 2 members of the panel.
The following year, Gerald Ford would be approached by the Republican Party to become the new House Minority Leader which would then lead to his vice presidency & so on and so forth.

Also notable of Ford's legacy is how he
-began his presidency by pardoning Nixon,
-told NYC to "drop dead"

-was nearly shot by a member of the Manson family named "Squeaky"

A compilation of interviews Ford held with a journalist he trusted were to be released in the event of "Jerry's" demise,
they were published in the book "Write It When I'm Gone"
which divulged many opinions he held as secrets to the grave:
-Bill Clinton was a sex addict
-the world wasn't ready for a woman president (Hillary) unless selected as VP
and grabbing the reigns in the event of the president dying in office
-Beliefs that it would have been best if Bush dropped the aggressive Dick as his VP
-He also advised Bush to drop Quayle in the 1992 election, which Bush ultimately lost
-Al Gore is a Bore (Al Bore)
-Warren Christopher (Secretary of State under Clinton) "looks like a dried-up prune"

It's widely understood by many that you don't become president unless the Feds have something to use against you as blackmail, this way they can persuade you to carry on those ideals which best serve the upper echelons of shadow government.
In Ford's case, its believed that Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Jerry to the Warren Commission
due to the fact that he was highly controlled by J. Edgar Hoover due to meetings recorded in secret by the FBI between Ford & Fred B. Black.
A business associate and political adviser to to president Johnson who also had close ties with the mafia.
Internal memos from William C. Sullivan, assistant director of the FBI's Intelligence division,
suggested the bureau (FBI) could expect Ford to "look after FBI interests" and did,
he was their "man", and "informant, on the Warren Commission".

War Gore for Porn

On the website:
soldiers allegedly traded pictures of dead Iraqis & Afghanis for access to porn.
The site has since been shutdown due to an ongoing investigation into whether or not it violated Polk County, Florida obscenity laws.
All the links in the above article have since been removed,
but thanks to the power of the internet archive the Wayback Machine
the pictures can still be viewed here
Caution! Not for the faint of heart,
contains many gruesome pictures of suicide bombers and the like.
Truly disgusting!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Veterans - From the Streets to the Slammer

At least 8,500 are in custody comprising the largest occupational group in the prison system.
According to a 2004 report veterans also accounted for a tenth of the prison population in America.
That study which took place 6 years ago alleged 140,000 prisoners were ex-military
and stated that number had doubled in 6 years.

The UK study stated that in 2004 the percentage stood at 5%,
so figuratively in 6 years that number nearly doubled.
One can't help but wonder if Americas has since doubled since their 2004 analysis.

A 2007 Justice Department report stated:
"Male veterans less than half as likely as male non-veterans to be in prison in 2004. Veterans older, better educated than other State and Federal prisoners"
A 2009 report urging an expansion of treatment for soldiers

Some believe the high number of veteran inmates is partially linked to the amount of homeless vets.
The VA estimates that nearly 107,000 veterans are homeless,
matter of fact nearly 1 in 4 homeless are veterans.

56% being African American & Hispanic despite only accounting for 12.8% or 15.4% of the US population.
Additionally 1.5 million are at risk of becoming homeless.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Corkscrew Seals

Dead seals off the English North Norfolk Coast are mysteriously turning up with corkscrew incisions spiraling their entire bodies.
Similar incidents are currently occuring 300 miles up the coast in eastern Scotland.
Nearly a decade ago the Canadian Coast experienced a matching anomaly in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and put blame on Greenland Sharks.
Scientists remain baffled as to what has caused this latest outrage which poses a threat to the seal colonies of the region.

Cyber False Flag

Upon running cyber-attack wargames, the Pentagon announced:
"we are not prepared".

7 participants converged at the Mandarin Orient Hotel to conduct the test in real-time.
It was a serious operation comprised of:
-full scale video
-boom cameras
-professional lighting
-bogus news broadcasts
-and Wolf Blitzer for introductions

Sponsors included: PayPal, Symantec, & General Dynamics.

The service started with a virus which crumbled the nations cell phone infrastructure,
spread to the internet, crippling it and 75 minutes into the exercise collapsed the electrical grid from the East Coast to Oklahoma City.
They later remarked that the virus would indeed have gone global if the situation was left unscathed.

We have 1,271 counter-terrorist, homeland security, and intelligence programs funded by taxpayers,
yet can't stop the mere iota of a computer virus? ....Preposterous!
A flaw inhabits this hair brain drill,
the national electric grid isn't connected to the internet and instead runs on it's own network.
This is one bit of information big government and schlock media fails to divulge when debating the topic,
or rather.... fear mongering the masses.

This brings to mind the recently proposed Cybersecurity Act
which they claim aims to stifle such cyber-terrorism,
but more so looks like a bill to reform the internet to the governments will
as a money-maker and medium of censoring those who don't endorse their ideals.
A bill proposed by none other than Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-VA)
the same deviant quoted as saying:
"would it have been better if we never invented the internet"

Shouldn't technological breakthroughs the system has acquired to keep ever watchful eyes on the republic (such as Perfect Citizen)
work efficiently enough to keep the flock from flowing astray?

Top spy Michael McConnell once made the bogus claim that hackers cost the U.S. economy $100 billion a year.
In fact, the fear of cybercrime has created a $105 billion lucrative business to fend off evil hackers who may or may not even exist.
Are these the same hackers who stole credit card numbers to fuel Obamas campaign donations?
McConnell's the same douche who tried to convince W in 2007 that a cyberattack on a single bank could be more devastating to the nation than the attacks on 9/11.
Right.... worse than an attack that killed 3,000 citizens.

Lets review a few of the more recent alleged cyber-blitzkriegs:
-as many enjoyed firework festivities ringing in what could be the last year of freedom
some lame hackers were busy as bees clogging the bandwidth of 13 government websites
South Korean websites were also reported as running "slow",
so of course North Korea was obviously blamed

-Chinese (always the 1st suspect of any cyberattacks)
upset with communist censorship of their internet
attacked Google, intercepting Gmail accounts of human rights activists and stealing intellectual property from Google.
The event was credited as being the most sophisticated attack to date.
Hmmm...? Why exactly would hackers steal the emails of human rights activists,
what would they have to gain?
The only figures who would prosper off such information would be those entities the activists are fighting against.

-Many blamed the 2003 Northeast blackouts on hackers until it was discovered that overgrown trees were to blame.

-Just last year the US claimed hackers from Russia and China had infiltrated the electricity grid and left behind software which could be triggered in lieu of warfare
All this "cyber-chaos" is enough to coerce cybersecurity rats to jump off the sinking ship.

In all reality: the entire cybersecurity debate as a whole is just more fear mongering
to entice American citizens into believing in a bill which would create further cybersecurity infrastructure, bleeding further tax dollars into infinite black hole developments
and to encourage the handing over of the internet as we know it to be reformed into a corporate backbone of government ideology.
We should all be really suspicious as to why the government continuously pushes the cyberattack envelope,
it may be cause for alarm of a future false flag attack which could be used to force their internet 2 agendas.
Call it a Cyber version of Global Warming.
The only hackers in this country (other than credit card bandits) who indeed pose a threat to our sovereignty & integrity,
are the ones who manipulate voter numbers at the polls.

Keys to the Internet

In the aftermath of a cyber-attack, the internet "kill switch" as outlined in the Cybersecurity Act will engage
and a minimum of 5 out of 7 of these individuals will be responsible for rebooting the web.
The keys are actually smartcards which contain a part of the DNSSEC root key.
You can't write this shit people!
video containing more info

Farewell Helium

In 1996 the government passed a law stating the U.S. National Helium Reserve in Amarillo, Texas
(the worlds biggest store of helium)
must be sold off by 2015 to recoup the price of installing it.
The U.S. stores 80% of the worlds helium and the un-renewable gas is being sold at increasingly cheap prices, making it un-economical to recycle.
Once the helium reserves are gone, there will be no way to replace it.
This will spell disaster for hospitals, who use it to cool off MRI scanners.
The only way to recapture it would be through the decay of tritium
a radioactive hydrogen isotope, which the U.S stopped making in 1988.

Sorry Chipmunks impersonators & lawn chair pilots.
Jupiter here we come, as the planet is a "Gas Giant" 11 times the size of earth
and actually rains the stuff in abundance.

Prison Pain Rays

View more news videos at:

Prisons will soon be implementing the pain ray to keep unruly inmates in line.
Its laser uses a focused beam of heat to penetrate the skin the equivalent of 3 sheets of paper,
to cause an intolerable burning sensation.
The pain ray was first introduced in Afghanistan to counter terrorism in a "peaceful" manner,
but has more recently hit the shores of America to control crowds.
The technology will soon be tested in American prisons and if successful will surely be a permanent mainstay.
Non-lethal weapon development is all the rage nowadays.

Internet Photos & Facial Recognition has developed photo finder - facial recognition software
capable of identifying people from photos posted on the internet.
The software claims to be 90% accurate and could possibly be used to build detailed profiles of individuals based purely on photos posted on the web
which could then lead to exploitation by employers.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Flu Shot Gift Card

Walgreens announces the Flu Shot Gift Card
part of the governments obsessive push for mass vaccination of the entire population.
For $29.99 you can show your loved one you truly appreciate their well being
with a needle jab that could possibly cause them to become autistic.
Whats more sickening is the fact that the ads posted around the store all have references to buying it for kids.
No worries though,
if Lil' Jimmy won't comply Walgreens also supplies the nasal spray flu vaccine,
just be careful they don't come into contact with anybody with a weakened immune system.
But of course, they're kids, they'll know better than that!

Simulated Terror Attack on Boston Subway

Scientists recently released gases and fluorescent particles into Boston's subway tunnels
to show how toxic chemicals and lethal biological agents could spread through the nations oldest subway system.
Part of a weeklong study conducted by the Department of Homeland Security
to figure out ways to minimize the impact of an airborne assault on the nations 15 subway systems.

Researchers released:
-Sulfur Hexafluoride
which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) calls the most potent greenhouse gas.
*known to alter vocal soundwaves*
-Perfluorocarbon gas
also an extremely potent greenhouse gas with a lifetime of up to 50,000 years
*known side effects include flu like symptoms*

Flu like symptoms?
How appropriate considering the Obama administration recently announced
they are willing to invest $2 billion (swindled from taxpayers)
to fight bioterrorism and pandemic.
$822 million of which will develop the influenza vaccine.

So let me get this correct...?
Scientists are testing an invisible odorless gases they can release into the subways,
which will create flu-like symptoms
and "lucky" for us they have the vaccines in abundance to curtail it?

Who comes up with this shit?
They preach all this bukaki about carbon emissions and what not,
yet release an abundance of the worst greenhouse gases known to man?

Not too long ago I informed of a report released by the Rockefeller Foundation
which detailed dystopian scenarios of the future as predicted by the advancement of technology.
The main focal point was pandemics, or more specifically a pandemic originating from geese.
The geese part I believe to be irrelevant, but the pandemic must not be counted out.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

from Recruit to AWOL

All branches of Active Duty met their quota last year,
with reserves meeting 140% in some fields.
2010's numbers are rumored to be astronomical but have yet to be released.
some statistics

More notable is the rise of high school grads enlisting,
and can you blame them?
With teen unemployment at its lowest level since 1951,
1.64 million between the age of 16-19
and millions more to plummet once summer jobs and census work end.
Whats worse is half of the college grads under 25 are working for minimum wage at jobs that don't require college degrees.
Unemployment among people under 25 is at its highest level since they began tracking statistics in 1948.

It's no wonder more people are listening to the recruitment pitch.
That specific pitch has become all the more aggressive and is currently taking heat.
When Dekalb County, Georgia announced the Marine Corps proposed a military high school funded by their recruitment budget... red flags went up.
This schools sole purpose would obviously be to serve as a military pipeline.
The No Child Left Behind Act states
schools must disclose juniors and seniors school records including those under 17 to military recruiters or risk losing federal aid.
Many teachers insist students take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery,
sometimes requiring whole classes participate, even 16 year olds.
It's not uncommon for recruiters to show up on the doorsteps of those who took the test.

The true hypocrisy here resides in the case of
Associate Justice for the Supreme Court - Elena Kagan
who as the dean of Harvard Law School barred military recruiters from its career counseling office.
Berkeley has chosen the same route
A prime example in regards to the upper echolon,
whats good for the goose is the efforts of the subservient gander.

You can't blame the recruiters, the U.S. military has a lot of ground to cover,
in 2004 U.S. troops were stationed in 135 countries
There's only 192 countries globally, which means we have troops in 70% of the world.
the top 25 as of 2008

I digress...
With the current economic slump and prospect that wallets shall only get slimmer,
anticipated sign-on bonuses and education benefits may seem like the only option for some.
In 2008 alone enlisted personnel used military tuition assistance to enroll in
-more than 700k undergraduate programs
-more than 96k graduate courses
these active students then face the very real possibility that they may be deployed at any time
even if it means in the middle of a semester.
Obviously base pay is another benefit for those that enlist.

All things considered, record numbers of recruits do not reflect all is peachy for the soldiers of today or tomorrow.
The U.S. military is experiencing a record number of suicides,
in June alone 32 soldiers are believed to have committed suicide, 21 on active duty.
2009 saw a record breaking 245 soldiers commit the act,
74 being intentional overdoses.
Perhaps more worrying is the fact that 1,713 attempted suicide during this period.
2010 seems on track to surpass that with the 1st half of the year seeing 145 accounts
This number doesn't include veterans, whose numbers surged 26% from 2005-2007.
Of the 30k suicides nationwide each year, 20% are veterans,
meaning an average of 18 veterans kill themselves every day,
five of those 18 being under the care of the VA.
I wonder how many of these casualties of war can be attributed to the Stop Loss policy.

Another factor is AWOL's, obviously these numbers are kept very secret.
But rumors flourish that 2009 broke records.
Doubling more than 234% over the last 5 years.
By 2005 Pentagon estimated that 5,500 soldiers discharged themselves since the conflict in Iraq,
that was only 2 years deep & excluded the war in Afghanistan.
Imagine how astronomical that number must be now as 5 years have passed
and well over 2 thousand additional U.S. troops have been killed.
a calendar of the deceased as of June, 2006
Afghan soldiers commonly train with the U.S. military,
and occasionally they too go AWOL on U.S. soil - 46 to date.
Sometimes they escape in packs, and still continue to have "all access" to U.S. military facilities.
More than a few incidents have arose where a soldier goes AWOL then commits heinous acts:
-AWOL soldier wanted in kidnapping, rapes
-AWOL soldier pleads guilty in mothers murder
there's many cases, I challenge you to Google some and witness some of the atrocities.

These atrocities can't be blamed on the individual, but rather the institution.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder plagues 35% of the troops
Of veterans those exposed to traumatic combat related situations suffer worst:
-attacked or ambushed = 92%
-seeing dead bodies = 94.5%
-being shot at = 95%
-and/or knowing someone seriously injured or killed = 86.5%

Due to the agony of war 106,000 Soldiers are prescribed some form of pain, depression or anxiety medications.
One in 50 combat veterans test positive for painkillers, mostly Oxycontin.
From 2004-2006 1.8 million veterans met criteria for a past year substance use disorder.

It also certainly doesn't help that 53% of Americans believe the war is a failure
and nearly 6 out of 10 Americans oppose the war.

A few more numbers:
-In 2009 soldiers committed over 50,000 misdemeanor offenses
-64,022 felony and death investigations 2001-2009 (72% drug related)
-sexual offenses quadrupled since 2003
-177% increase those who committed spousal or child abuse

Army vice chief recently conducted an in-depth report on suicide and mental health risks

Fear not, "war is hell" is not always correct,
for those dedicated war-machines out there, the military age limit was raised from 35 to 42.

People Search Sites

Upon researching a future article I came across what I deem a highly despicable website.
a people search site which divulges an individuals entire history.

-full name, age, dob
-average income liens aliases
-death records divorce
-criminal records
-address history
-phone numbers

Incredibly horrendous! I gave it a try and typed in someones name (who will remain secret)
and it told me their age, middle initial, previous addresses, and relatives and their subsequent ages.
For a fee I could have received the entire background.
For $14.95 I could have spent 24 hours looking up an unlimited amount of people.
In the wrong hands this could prove fatal,
i.e. a Michael Myers copycat serial killer who wants to diminish an entire bloodline.
Blowback for an Iraqi seeking revenge....
the possibilities are truly endless.
If the appropriate person wanted to gain this info, wouldn't they already have it in their legal employers database?
It's just disgusting that things like this exist, at least make people research and work for such information.
Have we truly sold our souls????

a sample report

the top 10 people search sites

Lead in kids drinks

Of 146 products, 125 (conventional & organic alike) were contaminated with enough to warrant a California warning label as enforced by proposition 65.

Excessive lead exposure can cause
-hearing damage
-behavioral problems
-learning disabilities
-malformed bones
-slow growth
-and even seizures, coma, or death

This is why Massachusetts requires homes be deleaded,
especially when renting to families with children.
12,000 housing units contain hazardous lead levels in Essex County, MA,
a dangerously high amount compared to the rest of US counties.

Iran fires up power plant

A spokesman for Israelis foreign ministry in response stated:
this action is "totally unacceptable"
"the international community should increase pressure...
to force Iran to abide by nuclear decisions & cease its enrichment activities & its construction of reactors".

Hypocritically when Israel was asked to open its facilities to inspection delegates proclaimed:
"Israel will not co-operate in any matter with this resolution"
Israel possesses an estimated 400 thermonuclear weapons

Russia supports Iran's enrichment contending:
"it's intentions are purely peaceful"

At this point if Israel decides to destroy the power plant
they will have committed a war crime by releasing nuclear debris into the atmosphere.
They have already lost global trust and would surely prefer to leave Iran in the dark.
This is a "victory" for Iran which:
U.S. ambassador to the UN John Bolton
-The United Arab Emirates ambassador to the US,
(who recently pledged "we can not live with a nuclear Iran"
upon begging for U.S. help in stopping Iran)
will surely resent
Time will tell....?

Oil Spill in numbers

ObamaCare Chart

Not too long ago I informed about the nightmare entitled ObamaCare
Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) comprised an exhaustive chart which outlines the despicable affiliations between the 2200 references and 600 new authorities documented within the bill.
This is not his first, he previously created a Health Care Bill Chart that became a viral sensation:

a more complete version of the initial chart

Easy Living

Camelot Property Management is a European real estate company who sources empty commercial buildings.
For as little as £60 (or $93) a week, "guardians" can temporarily stay in an old art college or abandoned pub.
The company keeps squatters out in between ownership, demolition, or renovation
and the "guardians" get to crash in a spacious trendy loft till they either move on to the next one or get their feet on the ground.

Ritalin causes Cancer

Upon investigation I discovered various fluctuations in the number of children prescribed to the pharmaceutical:
a 1996 report stated that 2 million children were on it
a late 2009 study states nearly 10,000 children take it
most estimate that over 6 million children were prescribed ritalin in 2009.
I'm guessing due to the advancement of psychostimulants
(which have been prescribed since 1938)
children don't necessarily have to be restrained to Ritalin when there's a plethora of available drugs in the governments arsenal?
Like Adderall, street name: "poor mans coke"... not sodey pop cherubs?

On a personal note:
When I hit puberty, the shit hit the fan in my household,
I grew up with a single mom, and 6 kids who ranged from 10-26 years younger than me.
I believe my mother had a few mental disorders, maybe even passed on a few?
It's safe to say, there were times when we let "the fur fly", typical of most families with adolescents....
One time we let our fangs show and my mother immediately urged a psychiatric evaluation,
this led to me convincing the psychologist that it was my mother who was indeed looney.
I was also referred to take a test to determine if I had ADHD...
it required mostly cognitive tests involving blocks and puzzles,
I remember passing with flying colors as it was my goal to impress.
I finished it in record time and was told immediately that I indeed had ADHD...
everyone I've spoken to who's taken the test has clarified the same results.
It's my firm belief that no matter who comes through that door, the results will always remain the same.
If we want to win the "war on drugs" then we should start with the pharmaceutical companies & the FDA.

Reportedly divorce increases risk of ritalin use,
would one blame the child who acts out in times of duress, or the parent who can't handle them under such circumstances?

Some even recommend dosing public water supplies with Ritalin and other drugs.

A site whose subject is Death from Ritalin with an index of help

Many books on the matter