Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama administration fires ATF whistleblower

who helped publicize the agency’s role in allowing thousands of guns to cross the U.S. border 
and fall into the hands of Mexican drug gangs.

The agent, Vince Cefalu, who has spoken out about the ATF's so-called "Project Gunrunner" scandal, 
says he was served with termination papers just last week, and he calls the move politically motivated.

I had a very engaging conversation with one of my various Latino acquaintances today.
I initiated dialogue regarding how illegal immigration is a bane of society & culture in America politically & economically. I figured he would be slightly bias considering his ethnicity but assumed it would not get out of hand as long as I keep in mind he is El Salvadorian & keep the talk focused on Mexico. Needless to say, I took alot away from it from his point of view, but also pieced together many pieces of the puzzle in my own head by assembling many of the various headlines that have popped up as of recent. Once this Voltron was configured I realized what a nightmare this problem truly is.
I would like to briefly share with you my opinion based upon the events which have occurred:
It should come as no surprise that a torrent of illegals has been flooding in from the US-Mexico border,
this has caused much strain on our economy & brought much violence to our border states.

Because of this, these states have begged the federal government for assistance in securing the point of entry.
The government has sent minimal help in an effort to look good before the polls.

The states then plea to finish the planned virtual border fence to shut the door
this is denied, and the plans are terminated.

Realizing Federal laws are not stringent enough to crackdown on violators who enter illegally,
border states declare nullification and create their own state laws.
This brings out the White House wolves who do their worst in an effort to bash those responsible.

Border violence continues to surge, 
it is then revealed that U.S. banks such as Wachovia, affiliate of Wells Fargo 
are not only laundering the Mexican drug cartels money, but also providing aircraft, then used to ship.

It comes to light that America has trained one of the cartels,
and is controlling & protecting another dubbed the Sinaloa.

In Mexico, it's illegal to have guns.
A senior agent of the ATF confesses that America is providing weapons to the cartels.
This serves many purposes. When violence occurs, the firearm is then traced back to the US.
They then use this as an excuse to crackdown on our 2nd amendment.
It also creates tremendous chaos & fear which will smoke out the Mexican people causing them to escape north to the so called 'land of freedom'. 
As well as these, it also gives us an excuse to provide 'problem, reaction, solution' in the future,
as well as money to arms dealers who profit from matter.
Why would they want illegals to enter the country?
Many reasons exist, such as cheap pay and such..
but the issue becomes clear once you take a gander at the propose DREAM act,
which will provide citizenship to those illegals who 
A) serve in the military
B) go to college
now its pretty obvious most of those who flee into this country do so because they are poor,
the majority of which are illiterate.. so it should come as no surprise when I say B is out of the question.
So now the government has plenty of fresh soldiers for their imperial conquest of oil & empire.
If all this was not enough, Obama lifts an embargo on shipping trucks entering from Mexico.
Within weeks:
At one point, an X-Ray scan reveals 513 migrants in 2 trucks:
What action does the government take in response? 

Who truly believes they are looking out for the AMERICAN peoples best interest at this point?
If you raised your hand, you are truly a fool, and deserve whatever indignity is bestowed upon you.
 Tired of catering to peoples emotions as our beautiful nation is raped, robbed, & pillaged.
Opposing a strategy which will systematically destroy our culture & economy does not make me a bigot.
Wake up, the tipping point came and went, the hour of darkness past, resurrect the phoenix.


Mp3's from Expert Witness Radio:

getting used to life without food (part one)

Wall Street, BP, Bio-Ethanol and the Death of Millions

My late grandfather, a man of sturdy Norwegian-American farm stock, who later became a newspaper editor and political activist during the First World War, used to say, 'A man can get used to pretty much anything with time, except dying...and even that with some practice.' Well, as fate has it, it seems we, the vast majority of the human race, are about to test that adage in regard to the availability of our daily bread itself.

Food is one of those funny things it's hard to live without. We all tend to take it for granted that our local supermarket will continue to offer whatever we wish, in abundance, at affordable prices or nearly so. Yet living without adequate food is the growing prospect facing hundreds of millions, if not billions, of us over the coming years.

In a sense it's a genuine paradox. Our planet has everything we need to produce nutritious natural food to feed the entire world population many times over. This is the case, despite the ravages of industrialized agriculture over the past half century or more.

Then, how can it be that our world faces, according to some predictions, the prospect of a decade or more of famine on a global scale? The answer lies in the forces and interest groups that have decided to artificially create a scarcity of nutritious food. The problem has several important dimensions.

Detroit police union gives head free car

 This comes as Detroit & much of Michigan continue to layoff a substantial amount of their officers.

Something tells me, this guy didn't receive a free vehicle from his job:

halt to extended benefits for unemployed, whole prog set to expire

After this week, workers laid off through no fault of their own will not be eligible for any of the generous extended unemployment benefits layoff victims have received from the federal government since 2008.

"The federal unemployment programs all expire at the end of this year. This means that anyone who is laid off on July 1st or later, will ONLY receive state benefits unless Congress acts to keep these needed programs up and running."
- Judy Conti, lobbyist for National Employment Law Project

Nigerian man boards plane without ticket or ID

Someone boarded a plane with a college ID and a bogus boarding pass her found on a subway train.

police taser, beat, pepper spray, mentally handicapped teen

What did the disabled boy do to deserve this onslaught? 
The police officer “mistook” his speech impediment for a sign of “disrespect”.

rich get richer....

Just to give you an idea of where your precious earned dollars are going, 
a recent receipt left behind by hedge fund manager David Tepper.

Senate defeats amendment to prevent IMF bailouts with U.S. funds

The Senate on Wednesday defeated an amendment in a 44-55 vote that would have prevented the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from using $108 billion in U.S. monies to bail out foreign nations.

The author of the amendment, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), said he is concerned that the IMF is using U.S. funds to rescue irresponsible nations and banks. He said the U.S. can no longer afford to offer such aid.

"There is no excuse for us giving away money around the world when we cannot even keep our promises here in America today, promises we have made to our seniors, promises we have made to our veterans,"

"We cannot afford to let the IMF, who we found in the last month has some questionable management practices, to access $100 billion more than they already have of our money,"


Obama & Biden blooper reel

geometric lenses of consciousness

Monsanto under investigation for cash incentives program

as well as Roundup Ready seeds, which have been genetically modified to resist the glyphosate-based herbicide.

The announcement came as the agricultural biotechnology giant reported a 77% jump in net income, an increase attributed mostly to the strength of its core seeds and genetic traits businesses.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

G20/G8 summit opponents infiltrated by police

Newly released G8/G20 summit documents reveal the RCMP and various Ontario police forces spent several months infiltrating anti-war, anti-globalization and anarchist groups with the use of undercover officers ahead of last June's summits in Huntsville and Toronto.

The reports by the Joint Intelligence Group formed by the RCMP-led ISU (Integrated Security Unit) show that various police services contributed at least 12 undercover officers to take part in covert surveillance of potential "criminal extremists" in a bid to "detect … and disrupt" any threats.

Never thought in a million years that they’d spend a billion here – 
on security so they could spread fear, caging peaceful people in their riot gear. 
Never thought in a million years that the villains would be near. Guised, the provocateurs sneer. 
Houdini got you looking through the media leer. How did it get to this state? Two steps back, two steps back – too late when too many can’t relate to another human slate – we write the world, born to create – and yet some stifle their own fate, pick up a gun and take orders. Blind faith in the authority that fakes it cool, so you stay. As the sparkle life decays, reality will fray. The whole world is going grey, inject some colour in your brain, you’ll see reality will stain. There is nowhere to go how can we move back? Surrounded us so one-by-one, attack. This is a message to the petty people, vandalist, just a thug limp-wrist pseudo-anarchist, never had a strong fist, weak-minded you throw a fit – the news latches it, infatuate with mastering the masquerade. They’re plastering our walls with your name, trying to cover up the shame of the crime but who’s to blame? Authority, look to my eyes, we’re the same. Look to my eyes, we’re the same. And though you feel your freedom, just like the changing seasons, you’ll wonder where the warm breeze went when you’re left alone in the cold freezing. And as doors close for lease, and more people stay outside to sleep, what will we sow, what will we reap? In quicksand now we’re sinking deep. All we want, all we need is to share prosperity, have a hand in the decree. This is our land, our liberty, can’t define the disease of the agenda elite, who spread poverty globally. No transparency, using our money to do the funding. The IMF is hunting poor nations – suffer so they get their pockets full and watch resources dwindle.

NATO drops DU on Libya

The Center for Research on Globalization says the bombs and missiles that the US-led military alliance has dropped on several Libyan cities contain depleted uranium (DU).

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, a research associate at the CRG center, told Press TV that there are several international missions in Libya to gather evidence on NATO war crimes, including the use of DU.

His remarks come weeks after the Stop the War Coalition said in its late March report that dozens of bombs and cruise missiles were launched by the US, British, and French forces -- all with DU warheads -- in the first 24 hours of the war on Libya.

DU munitions are controversial as their use is associated with long-term health concerns such as kidney damage, cancer, skin disorders and genetic defects.

Who would've thought that the 1st African-American to be elected as US president
would be the leading figure head behind deadly bombing campaigns in the most prosperous, well-educated region of Africa? Dropping DU tipped warheads with a half-life of 4.5 billion years in an area that after monumental reinvention by way of the worlds largest water aquifer, was on par to be the bread basket of the whole of Africa.
It becomes ever evident that this was an area rich in oil & natural resources, but I wonder how big of a role Obama's cousin Odinga or connection to Ali Bongo had in deciding to invade.
For shame! Do they lack conscience or was this sacrificed to Moloch?


Anti-Flag - depleted uranium is a war crime
[U.S. Representative, Jim McDermott:]
"Depleted Uranium is used on the ends of bullets
and on the ends of shells because it is so hard {that}
almost any armament is vulnerable to something that is tipped with Depleted Uranium."


In the cities and towns of Afghanistan
In the heart of the Balkans - the heart of Iraq
Not your Grandfather's style of deadly munitions
It's silent and deadly long after the mission

Depleted uranium is a war crime
Depleted uranium is a war crime

Gonna cut through their armor, then cut through your lungs
If you make it home alive you'll still die young
A greedy gang of liars, yeah we've seen it all before
A moneymaking scheme led by war-profiteering whores

Depleted uranium is a war crime
Depleted uranium is a war crime

[U.S. Representative, Jim McDermott:]
"They were throwing it away until they figured out they could use it for armament."

Half Life - 4.5 Billion
Half Life - You'll waste away
Half Life - 4.5 Billion
Half Life - You'll waste a...

We've heard their lies before and we know they're lying again
Feels like a déjà vu of Agent Orange and Vietnam
Weaponry so sadistic it is hard to comprehend
War profits surge with every breath by Uncle Sam

Depleted uranium is a war crime
Depleted uranium is a war crime
Depleted uranium is a war crime

[U.S. Representative, Jim McDermott:]
"We went to a hospital in Southern Iraq,
and a woman was there with a very deformed child and
her husband had been in the Iraqi Army and had been
in the battles in Southern Iraq and
came home and they produced a baby with very severe
malformations... Both the Leukemia rates in children and
malformations at birth had increased by 600%
and it was clearly an epidemic where all this
DU had been dumped... It becomes a dust that can be
inhaled and infect the blood stream and the rest
of the body and it was the opinion of the
doctors there that this was caused by depleted uranium...
They simply saw this as being a direct result of the
war by United States."

Half Life - 4.5 Billion
Half Life - We waste away
Half Life - 4.5 Billion
Half Life - We waste away
Half Life - 4.5 Billion
Half Life - We waste away
Half Life - 4.5 Billion
Half Life - We waste away

[U.S. Representative, Jim McDermott:]
"The doctor said,
'Women {in Iraq} at the time of birth don't ask if
it's a boy or a girl, they ask: Is it normal?'
...The military denies first, and then after the evidence
builds to the point where they can no longer deny,
then they do the research. That's what happened in the
Vietnam era around Agent Orange and I suspect and
I'm worried that that's what will happen this time."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chinese hologram experiment: Blue Beam soon a reality?

The Chinese of Huangshan City were treated to a splendid 'optical illusion'
in the middle of the Tunxi section of the Xin’an River
when a 'superior mirage' depicting an ancient city skyline complete with mountains & trees was witnessed.



coming soon: test tube meat

The Dutch scientists predict that over the next few decades the world’s population 
will increase so quickly that there will not be enough livestock to feed everyone.

As a result, they say, laboratory-grown beef, chicken and lamb could become normal.

The scientists are currently developing a burger which will be grown from 10,000 stem cells extracted from cattle, which are then left in the lab to multiply more than a billion times to produce muscle tissue similar to beef.

The product is called ‘in vitro’ meat.

"I don’t see any way you could rely on old-fashioned livestock in the coming decades.
In vitro meat will be the only choice left."

- Mark Post, professor of physiology at Maastricht University


designers create meat powered robot

Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots from Auger-Loizeau on Vimeo.

New Mexico wildfire threatens world largest nuclear weapons lab

the birthplace of the atomic bomb.
Los Alamos likely contains more nuclear weapons than any other facility in the world.
stored in fabric tents outside the facility.

Monday, June 27, 2011

'Thought Police' imminent: pre-crime field tested in U.S.

programme designed to spot people who are intending to commit a terrorist act, has in the past few months completed its first round of field tests at an undisclosed location in the northeast, Nature 
has learned.

Like a lie detector, FAST measures a variety of physiological indicators, ranging from heart rate to the steadiness of a person's gaze, to judge a subject's state of mind. But there are major differences from the polygraph. FAST relies on non-contact sensors, so it can measure indicators as someone walks through a corridor at an airport, and it does not depend on active questioning of the subject.

The tactic has drawn comparisons with the science-fiction concept of 'pre-crime', popularized by the film Minority Report, in which security services can detect someone's intention to commit a crime. Unlike the system in the film, FAST does not rely on a trio of human mutants who can see the future

Diabetes rates "double that of 1980"

and used the results to estimate diabetes prevalence. They found that the number of adults with diabetes more than doubled from 153 million in 1980 to 347 million in 2008, considerably higher than a 2009 estimate of 285 million.

Across the three decades, the proportion of men with diabetes rose by 18% from 8.3% to 9.8%. The proportion of women with diabetes increased even more sharply, from 7.5% to 9.2%, an increase of 23%.


BIG PHARMA capitalizes:


Monsanto & Agent Orange

Sunday, June 26, 2011

US fabricates & finances Arab uprising

Bil'in takes down gate of apartheid wall

possible asteroid impact: 6/27/11?

and other events transpiring, The Intel Hub is releasing an advisory for a possible asteroid impact on or around Monday June 27, 2011. The NEO (Near Earth Object) in question is dubbed (2011 MD).

Note: This is far from a for sure impact. All information released by the government and corporate media indicates that it will be a close pass but 100% miss earth.

With that being said one must question: Why all the military movement?

new uncontacted group confirmed in Brazil

of so-called uncontacted people who have remained isolated from industrial society.

the war on drugs is insane

magnetic pole shift occuring, 40 miles in a year

violating Palestinian rights

On June 22, a B'Tselem press release headlined, 
"Sharp increase in West Bank home demolitions," saying:

Through late June, Israel's Civil Administration, its Judea/Samaria (West Bank) governing body, illegally "demolished more Palestinians homes....than in all of last year." Most often, soldiers and Border Police accompany them, forcefully evicting longtime residents.

From June 1967 - July 28, 2010, ICAHD said Israel destroyed nearly 25,000 Palestinian structures, based on Interior Ministry, Civil Administration, OCHA, other UN sources, and Palestinian Center for Human Rights data, as well as Israeli and other Palestinian human rights groups, Amnesty International (AI), Human Rights Watch (HRW), its own field work, and other sources.

It classifies demolition types as:

- punishment for actions associated with the structures (about 8.5%);

- administrative for lacking building permits (about 26%);

- land-clearing/military demolitions for any reason, including achieving IDF goals or accompanying extrajudicial assassinations (about 65.5%); and

- other undefined reasons.

Israel, in fact, annexes Palestinian land one home demolition at a time. From July 10 - 25, 2011, ICAHD will again rebuild a bulldozed home, belonging to the Abu Omar family. Built in 1990 on privately owned land, Israel demolished it in 2005.

house rejects bill authorizing military operations in Libya

by resoundingly failing to approve a bill authorizing the contentious military operations in Libya. But the House stopped short of a total desertion of a war-time president by also rejecting a measure to limit financing to support the military operations there.
The resolution to support the mission, which was based on a Senate measure introduced Tuesday by Senators John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, and John McCain, Republican of Arizona, failed 295 to 123, with 70 Democrats joining Republicans on an issue that has divided Democrats and became a major Constitutional flash point between Congress and The White House. (See how all the members voted.) The Senate has yet to take up their measure.

US taxpayers may pay for EU bank losses

to rescue financial giants across the pond as European regulators fail to address Greece's financial woes.

Greek parliament is set to vote Tuesday on a wildly unpopular austerity plan devised by the International Monetary Fund and EU regulators. International lenders say must be passed for the financially strapped country to get its next round of aid.

But even if the austerity measures -- the equivalent of Uncle Sam seeking to slash Social Security checks -- don't go through, Greece may still get a handout from European regulators because they understand that the continent's big banks aren't prepared to deal with the fallout of the country officially going broke.

"Regulators and banks are kicking the can down the road," says Nicholas Economides, a professor of economics at the New York University Stern School of Business. "Banks don't want to take losses. It's something similar to what banks were doing in the United States before the 2008 housing crisis."

NY Fed won't say how much $ went to Iraq

The New York Fed is refusing to tell investigators how many billions of dollars it shipped to Iraq during the early days of the US invasion there, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction told CNBC Tuesday.
The Fed's lack of disclosure is making it difficult for the inspector general to follow the paper trail of billions of dollars that went missing in the chaotic rush to finance the Iraq occupation, and to determine how much of that money was stolen. 

Mexican troops cross into the United States

clearly violating international law.

It happens as Customs and Border Protection inspectors try to figure out what to do.

A CBP spokesperson says they got on the phone with Mexican authorities after being alerted 
that the military trucks were heading their direction loaded down with soldiers and weapons.

Feds to launch probe of Google

Under U.S. antitrust law, it isn't illegal to have a monopoly—only to acquire one unlawfully or abuse it. And courts have significantly narrowed the scope of antitrust law in recent years, further raising the bar for the Federal Trade Commission, which is handling the probe, to bring a successful case.

The people familiar with the matter said issues in the FTC probe are expected to include whether Google searches unfairly steer users to the company's own growing network of services at the expense of rival providers. Some companies complain about the way that Google ranks its own services in its "natural" search results, or the amount it charges them for placing ads, claiming its market power gives it the ability to determine whether businesses succeed or fail.

"Google engages in anticompetitive behavior…that harms consumers by restricting the ability of other companies to compete to put the best products and services in front of Internet users, who should be allowed to pick winners and losers online, not Google,"

the Israel Lobby

Ron Paul on Freedomwatch (6/23/11)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

UNIDOS takes over Tuscon school board

Mexican-American Studies students take over the TUSD board room after board president threatens to dismantle their program, the ONLY one in the entire United States.

-Tuscon students fight back, take over school board with rowdy sit-in

Japan's newest popstar outed as CGI creation

north of Tokyo who enjoyed track and field sports, was anything but.

In fact, she was not human at all - 
but a clever computer-generated composite of six other members of the popular girl band AKB 48.

Her less than organic origins were exposed when fans of the band became suspicious about the appearance of its newest member, remarking that she bore a striking similarity to some of her bandmates. While it is not unusual for new faces to join AKB - the band has 48 members with older girls often being replaced by newcomers when they “graduate” onto modelling and acting - something was obviously amiss.

And there were other clues. Her birthday - February 11 - is the date of the founding in 1922 of confectioner Ezaki Glico and rearranging the letters of her name in Japanese spells out the company’s name.

the story of your enslavement

Obama's withdrawal strategy leaves twice as many troops in Afghanistan

If he keeps the promises that he will make in his speech tonight, eighteen months months from now, 
after withdrawing, or reclassifying, 30,000 troops, there will still be 68,000 troops left in Afghanistan.

 There are, currently, 98k troops in Afghanistan.  
He started with 38k troops, announced an increase of 30,000 more troops, & ended up with 98k troops. 
Every time Obama has an exit strategy for Afghanistan more American soldiers seem to end up in the country. It almost seems as though the number of troops on the ground were purposely inflated in order to present the appearance of a reduction in troops with this maneuver, but actually result in a net increase.

well water burns, homeowners are hot too

and over the years bought up multiple lots and put $4.5 million into their "dream house," 
which they moved into in September 2009.
Three months later, they began having problems with their well water, 
and by the summer of 2010, they say, the water had become flammable.

Samples collected in August 2010 "showed the presence of benzene, toluene, dissolved ethane and a large amount of dissolved methane," according to the complaint in Parker County Court.
They say they learned from the Texas Railroad Commission that defendants Range Resources and Range Production Co. had started drilling for gas in August 2009 within 120 feet of their well, 
within the boundaries of the development. 

restaurant blogger jailed for criticizing salty noodles

to comment on the cockroaches, since this was a "narration of the facts".

However, the judge ruled that since she had only eaten one dish of fried noodles, 
she was unqualified to pass judgement on the seasoning of the rest of the restaurant's menu.

Mrs Liu was sentenced to 30 days in jail, a further two years of probation, 
and ordered to pay £4,300 in compensation to the restaurant for the damage she had caused. 
She was also told to apologise and refused the right to appeal.

There's Something in the Water

3 questions Trump didn't ask Obama

Donald Trump stirred the pot regarding the Obama "birther" issue and the President reacted quickly, releasing the long sought after "long form" and effectively killing the issue. 
Trump opted for prime time over campaigning to be the POTUS; nonetheless, 

1. Why did you have Osama Bin Laden killed instead of captured and tried publicly in a Federal Court?

2. Why did we fight the War in Iraq?

3. Is continuing to allow the Federal Reserve to manage the US dollar in the best interest of the Republic?

the plan to destabilize Syria

The efforts to overthrow the Syrian government have a lot in common with what has been undertaken in Libya. However, the results are substantially different owing to each country’s social and political background. The project to break up these two States simultaneously was initially brought up by John Bolton on 6 May 2002 when he was serving as Undersecretary of State in the Bush administration. It’s implementation by the Obama administration nine years down the line - in the context of the Arab Awakening - is not without problems.

Like in Libya, the original plan intended to bring about a military coup, but it soon proved impossible owing to the lack of willing Syrian military officers. According to our sources, an analogous plan had also been envisaged for Lebanon. In Libya, the plot was leaked and Colonel Gaddafi proceeded to have Colonel Abdallah Gehani arrested [1]. In any case, the initial plan had to be revised in light of the unexpected "Arab Spring" scenario.


chemtrails, Monsanto, & Olgacom connections explained

concerns continue to mount on U.S. bio-weapons violations

that the United States government is stockpiling biological and/or chemical weapons at Sierra Army Depot, a military base in Northern California.

According to Ron Davenport, who was a biomedical engineer who worked at the medical clinic at Sierra Army depot in the seventies, the base at one time contained a stockpile of nuclear weapons. Davenport states that much of the base is actually underground. This reporter has obtained the testimony of a civilian contractor with a security clearance who has stated that the nukes have been replaced by large vats of liquid.

In an interview this week with Lori Bane, Associate Director for Policy with the CDC Division of Select Agents and Toxins and Von Roebuck, CDC Public Affairs officer, the two also declined to confirm or deny the existence of a number of biological safety labs level 4. The level 4 labs, called BSL-4.s, handle the most dangerous germs known to man, including Ebola, Marburg and Argentine hemorrhagic virus.

The CDC is charged with the responsibility of registering labs which work with “select agents” and toxins. The labs range from Levels 1 to 4, and are designated in terms of their containment capacity. The 3’s and 4’s handle the really nasty bugs, some of which have no known treatment or cure and pose a grave threat to human life.

was fast & furious a gun control plot?

was the ATF program actually an attempt to advance gun-control efforts by an administration that has blamed Mexican violence on easy access to U.S. weapons?

If "Operation Fast and Furious" was merely a botched attempt at law enforcement, why was a supervisor of the operation, David Voth, "jovial, if not, not giddy but just delighted about" marked guns showing up at crime scenes in Mexico, as career Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent John Dodson told Rep. Darrell Issa's House Oversight Committee?

Perhaps because all was going as planned until it was learned that two of the AK-47s recovered at the scene of the fatal shooting of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in December were bought in ATF's Operation Fast and Furious. That wasn't supposed to happen.

"Allowing loads of weapons that we knew to be destined for criminals — this was the plan," Dodson testified to the panel. "It was so mandated."

"on several occasions I personally requested to interdict or seize firearms, but I was always ordered to stand down and not to seize the firearms."
- Olindo James Casa, ATF agent

radioactive dust from Fukushima hit America soon after meltdown

reached North America soon after the meltdown and were carried all the way to Europe, 
according to a simulation by university researchers.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Burning Man... no longer just a festival

Burning man... no longer just a psychadelic desert festival full of LSD & surreal art.
Todays burning man is a political FU to the establishment,
retaining so much venom for the system, you decide to burn your self in effigy, 
sacrificing your own life in opposition to tyrannical measures which imprison us all.
End result being one of the strongest statements any individual can make, 
well, that and a pile of bone, flesh, & cinders some poor soul has to clean up.
I don't condone such activities, as similar to "everytime a bell rings, an angel gets its wings",
everytime an act of self-immolation makes the headlines, an elitist bears the grin of a cheshire cat.
With so many touting depopulation these days, you would only be doing them a favor.
But I'm sure for the few who witnessed the event, the image will forever be carved into their psyche,
so word to the wise, location is everything.
Unless your trying to leave the impression that you spontaneously combusted,
or auditioning for the latest Rammstein video,
make sure the leaders of the party you are opposing are present, or at the very least a camera man.

The latest act of death by self ignition gave new meaning to the phrase: 
when a New Hampshire man having returned home from war lost his entire family 
after making the unfortunate mistake of slapping his out of control child
 (which as we are aware is frowned upon by society this day in age
set forth before a courthouse, dousing himself in gasoline
and set his person aflame (can you imagine?)
luckily he left the world a 15-page explanation.

“I have 21 years of Army service going back to the Vietnam War. My loyalty to the government should be a given. It is gone. I am certain it will never return regardless of how long I might have lived.”

The act has obviously been overlooked & purposely ignored by lame-stream media,
as I'm sure they don't want such activities to start a trend for those who have nothing to lose.
Ironically the same media facets previously broadcast the tale of a Tunisian vendor
who in act of defiance torched himself in front of a government building to protest restrictions imposed upon his business . This event was the cannon fodder which originally lit the Arab uprisings in Egypt.

So the question is: 
why does such an act make headlines here when it occurs overseas, 
yet fails to be mentioned when it happens in our own backyard?
Cause it fails to fit an agenda, that's why!

p.s. for the truly brave, google images: self-immolation,
apparently these acts are far more common then I expected... warning: graphic!

QUOTE: Menachem Begin - master race

“Our race is the master race. We are divine gods on this planet. 
We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects.
In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts & animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. 
Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. 
Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron.
The masses will lick our feet and serve us as slaves.”
- Menachem Begin, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

2 shit burgers & a side of soylent green

most are aware that nearly half of the meat in the U.S. is infected with a drug-resistant super-bug,
but the following technology 'dump' makes Soylent Green look like filet mignon.

Somehow this feels like a Vonnegut plotline: population boom equals food shortage. Solution? Synthesize food from human waste matter. Absurd yes, but Japanese scientists have actually discovered a way to create edible steaks from human feces.
Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a researcher from the Okayama Laboratory, has developed steaks based on proteins from human excrement. Tokyo Sewage approached the scientist because of an overabundance of sewage mud. They asked him to explore the possible uses of the sewage and Ikeda found that the mud contained a great deal of protein because of all the bacteria.
The researchers then extracted those proteins, combined them with a reaction enhancer and put it in an exploder which created the artificial steak. The “meat” is 63% proteins, 25% carbohydrates, 3% lipids and 9% minerals. The researchers color the poop meat red with food coloring and enhance the flavor with soy protein. Initial tests have people saying it even tastes like beef.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

China warns US: stay out of maritime spat

China on Wednesday warned the United States to stay out of the deepening territorial spat in the South China Sea and accused other countries in the region of provocation, a report said.

Vice foreign minister Cui Tiankai said neighbouring countries, including Vietnam, were responsible for recent incidents in the disputed waters and dismissed calls for Washington to play a greater role in resolving tensions .

"I believe some countries now are playing with fire. 
And I hope the US won't be burned by this fire,"
- Cui Tiankai