Wednesday, July 25, 2012

humans blamed for neanderthal extinction

"About 40,000 years ago, a huge volcanic eruption west of what is now Naples, Italy, showered ash over much of central and Eastern Europe. Some researchers have suggested that this super-eruption, combined with a sharp cold spell that hit the Northern Hemisphere at the same time, created a “volcanic winter” that did in the Neandertals. But a new study of microscopic particles of volcanic glass left behind by the explosion concludes that the eruption happened after the Neandertals were already mostly gone, putting the blame for their extinction on competition with modern humans."

I almost feel as if this article is rooted in some over population nonsense. As if it's another attempt to demonize humans. Humans killed this animal, caused the extinction of this species, blah blah blah, ad lib species here, awful humans. Relate all this to how they are now accusing under the guise of a fabrication such as global warming/climate change, accusing of destroying everything on earth in increments. Just because they excluded one hypothesis doesn't mean the most noxious one is correct.

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