Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Malaria-proof mosquitoes being hatched

"For more than 25 years, James has worked to build a better bug.

His team of scientists has figured out a way to change a mosquito's DNA.

Using a tiny needle, they inject its eggs with malaria-resistant genes. The eggs are just one-tenth the size of a sesame seed, but as they hatch, this new generation is immune to the disease. Once released, they'll breed offspring that are also malaria-proof."

All fair and well. Chalk up another technological advance in science and medicine.
But what about the repercussions? So often these creations mutate resulting in spontaneous results.
So often protocol is not followed prior to release, and proper testing is ditched in exchange for profit.
What about the 3% of larvae which survive and continue to spread throughout the wild. We have seen how that has played out for GM crops, whereupon the crop just continues to spread like wildfire.

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