Wednesday, June 29, 2011

G20/G8 summit opponents infiltrated by police

Newly released G8/G20 summit documents reveal the RCMP and various Ontario police forces spent several months infiltrating anti-war, anti-globalization and anarchist groups with the use of undercover officers ahead of last June's summits in Huntsville and Toronto.

The reports by the Joint Intelligence Group formed by the RCMP-led ISU (Integrated Security Unit) show that various police services contributed at least 12 undercover officers to take part in covert surveillance of potential "criminal extremists" in a bid to "detect … and disrupt" any threats.

Never thought in a million years that they’d spend a billion here – 
on security so they could spread fear, caging peaceful people in their riot gear. 
Never thought in a million years that the villains would be near. Guised, the provocateurs sneer. 
Houdini got you looking through the media leer. How did it get to this state? Two steps back, two steps back – too late when too many can’t relate to another human slate – we write the world, born to create – and yet some stifle their own fate, pick up a gun and take orders. Blind faith in the authority that fakes it cool, so you stay. As the sparkle life decays, reality will fray. The whole world is going grey, inject some colour in your brain, you’ll see reality will stain. There is nowhere to go how can we move back? Surrounded us so one-by-one, attack. This is a message to the petty people, vandalist, just a thug limp-wrist pseudo-anarchist, never had a strong fist, weak-minded you throw a fit – the news latches it, infatuate with mastering the masquerade. They’re plastering our walls with your name, trying to cover up the shame of the crime but who’s to blame? Authority, look to my eyes, we’re the same. Look to my eyes, we’re the same. And though you feel your freedom, just like the changing seasons, you’ll wonder where the warm breeze went when you’re left alone in the cold freezing. And as doors close for lease, and more people stay outside to sleep, what will we sow, what will we reap? In quicksand now we’re sinking deep. All we want, all we need is to share prosperity, have a hand in the decree. This is our land, our liberty, can’t define the disease of the agenda elite, who spread poverty globally. No transparency, using our money to do the funding. The IMF is hunting poor nations – suffer so they get their pockets full and watch resources dwindle.

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