Monday, July 16, 2012

Cops taze for refusal to ID

Instead of this man receiving an apology from the police department, they're instead using the video for training purposes. I've mixed emotions regarding this one. I believe the arrested gentleman's initial response was orderly and just. We as citizens of this country need not comply with a false search and seizure or request for identification just because some officer feels like busting balls. If the cop has a warrant or probable cause which can be proven in a court of law then the citizen has an obligation to present ID. Now the cop here was presented with a circumstance where he obviously did not want to be talked down to in front of his partner, and a standoff incurred.
Now the reason I presented this video is to display not whose right or wrong on the matter, but more in effect to spotlight the stage set forth by the current police state. Cops are currently obligated to uphold frivolous laws which impede upon our rights and overall privacy. As the arrested individual point out, the arrest is false, therefore whom is truly the perp?

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