Monday, July 16, 2012

Geoengineering could backfire, make climate change worse

"Deploying giant space mirrors and spraying particles from stadium-sized balloons may sound like an engineer’s wild fantasy, but climate models suggest that the potential of geoengineering to offset rising atmospheric carbon dioxide may be significantly overstated.
Across all four models tested, the team showed that geoengineering could lead to adverse effects on the Earth’s climate, including a reduction in global rainfall. They therefore concluded that geoengineering could not be a substitute for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions."


“The first thing we realized was that we had to ‘dim’ the sun 25 percent more than expected, in order for the Earth’s systems to show a response, which translates to needing more geoengineering than previously thought,” 
- Hauke Schmidt - Max Planck Institute, Germany
Geoengineering of the planet is already being implemented. Climate change has been a constant throughout the ages. We have always experienced highs and lows, the planet is self sustainable and will eventually find a middle ground naturally. Playing god with the elements will only lead to certain disaster, as this article clearly points out.

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