Sunday, August 5, 2012

NASA invests $1.1billion in manned commercial trips to space

"The dust has settled on the final round of NASA's Commercial Crew integrated Capability program project, and three winners have been given funding for the next round of American-made space taxis: Boeing, who received $460 million; SpaceX with $440 million; and the Sierra Nevada Corporation, with a paltry $212.5. The companies will use it as seed money to create commercial spacecraft that U.S. astronauts will fly aboard.

With NASA's space shuttle program shelved, it's had to compensate for all of the spacecraft it won't be making itself, instead investing in companies that have shown promise in creating commercially viable, safe spacecraft. Once those companies have created one, NASA can put their astronauts on board (maybe even alongside civilian space tourists)."

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't NASA using our tax dollars to fund these private outfits? If so I don't approve. For it's not our fault Obama defied his promise and cut NASA funding. Subsequently we now have to hitch hike just to catch a ride to the ISS (international space station) which we initially created. Thus private industry is at the helm of American space travel, renting out their craft to billionaires whom can afford it. If H.G. Wells Things to Come taught me anything, it's that only the elite will board these craft if indeed an ELE (extinction level event) ever occurs, otherwise it will strictly be thrill seeking rich folks getting their rocks off in the great unknown on craft we helped fund.

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