Sunday, August 5, 2012

Push to put your money in Googles CIA cloud wallet

"In Google’s Brave New World, all of your money will be in the “cloud” – a metaphor for data stored and retrieved over the internet – and you will pay for stuff with a swipe of a mobile device.

Google rolled out this “service” in 2011 and calls it “Google Wallet.” It stores credit and debit card information on Google’s servers. Google has partnered with the multinational banksters at Citigroup and the scheme currently works with MasterCard and Visa. It works with 300,000 plus merchants using Sprint’s Nexus S 4G phones. Google has announced it will partner with all vendors of non-Android phones, including Apple, RIM, and Microsoft.

Imagine all your credit card and debit data sitting on the CIA’s servers. Now imagine some time in the not too distant future when you become an enemy of the state – maybe it was that post critical of the Pentagon on Facebook or that scathing email you sent to your congress critter – and suddenly you can no longer access your money because you are locked out of the “cloud.”"

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