Monday, April 18, 2011

kill household ants with Splenda

Spring is in the air and the ants are marching right into your house.  
You may want to hold off on buying those ugly little ant traps, 

Splenda facts:
1. Splenda was “discovered” accidentally in a lab back in 1975 while trying to create a new insecticide

2. Whole Foods or Trader Joe's will not sell Splenda or any product that contains "sucralose" because it does not fit within their code of ethics of selling “real food”.

3. Sucralose, the made-up name by the manufacturer of Splenda, contains chlorinated compounds.

4. Chlorine is toxic and is not found in any food or table salt even though the manufacturer of Splenda will tell you it is fine. However there is chloride present in food and table salt, which is non-toxic.

5. Chlorine, (which we now know is in Splenda), has caused so much damage to human health that Greenpeace has launched a Chlorine-Free Campaign, calling for a worldwide ban on chlorine. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also maintains a strong anti-chlorine stance.  
(Did you know that cancer patients have high levels of chlorine in their bodies?)

due to chlorine passed to them in the womb.

7. Studies show that people that consumed diet drinks 

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