Saturday, June 11, 2011

Obama welcomes African dictator who's plundered billions from his impoverished nation

who has ruthlessly plundered billions of dollars from his own country.

The U.S. President is today having a coveted private meeting with President Ali Bongo of Gabon 
in the Oval Office despite his appalling track record.

Bongo’s family has ruled the impoverished African nation with an iron fist for five decades 
and have used its oil riches to fund a life of outrageous luxury.

Meanwhile one third of people in Gabon live on less than $2 a day 
and thousands starve to death each year or are forced to pick through garbage to find food.

Critics have pointed out that Gabon, with a population of 1.5 million, 
is the third-largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa.

They claim that the only reason Mr Obama has agreed to the meeting 
is that he wants to curry favour with an ally to secure America’s fuel supplies - regardless of who it is.

-proof that Obama & Bush are cut from the same cloth: W. meets with father Omar 7 years prior:

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