Wednesday, June 1, 2011

mere existence

I almost feel guilty saying it, but every time I take a glance at my social network sites,
I'm reminded of how I'd much rather prefer to be born of a simpler era.
Or at the very least one with far less sociopaths,
those whose ideology is mainly a brainwashed focus of self-promotion & vanity.
A most pretentious statement, well aware of that,but apparently I just don't fit in... anymore. 
Hypocritical I'm sure, as admittedly I was formerly absorbed.

Will the masses ever plateau & realize these matters are of no importance?
We were lucky to be given the frame & looks we contain. 
Lucky to be alive. 
Many experts have reasoned it's truly a miracle humans still exist 
under the amount of contamination we are ALL exposed to on a daily basis, 
& after vast amounts of research I have to agree wholeheartedly.
Can truth ever be the "trend"...?

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