Thursday, June 16, 2011

Militarizing "Lockdown High"

"You've got to be a one-man fighting force.... 
You've got to have enough guns, and ammunition and body armor to stay alive.... 
You should be walking around in schools every day in complete tactical equipment, with semi-automatic weapons.... 
You can no longer afford to think of yourselves as peace officers.... 
You must think of yourself [sic] as soldiers in a war because we're going to ask you to act like soldiers." 
- John Giduck, self-styled tactical & counter-terrorism 
*keynote address - National Association of School Resources Conference (2007)*

It was Friday the 13th, and Skylar Walters thought he was going to die.

The 16-year-old inmate of Orangeville Jr.-Sr. High in Illinois was in gym class 
when a deranged-looking man barged into the school and began firing what appeared to be a handgun 
at several of the other students.

"I started praying to God and saying my last words," Skylar later recalled. 
"I was scared. I didn't know what to do."

As the intruder fired his gun, he called out the name of a particular student; the youngster quite sensibly fled the building. Other kids "were just running everywhere and crying and hiding," Skylar recounted. Some of the panicking schoolkids probably attempted to call or text their parents to describe the horror unfolding in front of them. They didn't know that each of the parents had been instructed not to answer if his child issued a desperate plea for help.

That last sadistic touch is what distinguished the May 13 "active shooter drill" in Orangeville from countless other performances of its kind staged in schools across the Soyuz by the Police State Play Actors' Guild. Most of the time, the kids for whose supposed benefit those drills are choreographed -- and the parents responsible for their care, education, and upbringing -- are let in on the joke.

Assuredly these drills of indoctrination will plague these children's innocent minds forever,
the batter which is their tolerance will be 'whipped into shape' and easily manageable in the future.


Anonymous said...

My name is Ron Camacho. I am the Operations Captain for the York City Police Department York Pennsylvania and Swat Commander for the York County Quick Response Team. I am deeply offended and concerned by the article “You Can No Longer Think of Yourself as Peace Officers”: Militarizing “Lockdown High”.
The “Cut & Paste” way the article is written is full of flaws and utterly biased. There are certain facts that cannot be disputed when it comes to Active Shooters: The quicker an armed officer can confront the shooter the sooner the shooting ends. The sooner the shooting ends the more lives saved. Officers are trained to go in after the shooter with tactics that provide only minimal safety or protection. Those tactics have evolved some since their inception, but make no mistake the officer is greatly risking his life upon entering a building or school to neutralize a shooter. They go in quickly with one mission “Get the shooter” and by doing this they are saving lives. This is what we get paid to do!!
Time is the great enemy during an active shooting. Most shootings are over within 10 minutes. Think of the damage that a shooter can do within that time frame. How does one defeat the time factor? What better way than having an armed police officer (SRO) inside the school. SRO’s (School Resource Officers) are an invaluable tool to prevent and deal with active shooters. They are the eyes and ears of the police department within the school. A good SRO will be proactive in dealing with issues that may turn in to large violent problems if ignored. God forbid, if there is a shooting at the school the officer is right on scene to handle it. I know from my experience that school districts want SRO’s in their schools. The main reasons that we do not have an officer in every school come down to two factors: money and manpower. The SRO’s become role models to the kids in their schools and bridge that gap between the students and the police.
Where does the author acknowledge the numerous examples where communities are clamoring for more SRO’s in their schools? Where does he give us an example that showed an SRO confronting a shooter or conducting an investigation that prevented a shooting? I guess the author did not have enough room to fit them all in his article.
The author also takes umbrage with John Giduck, President of Archangel, and his truthful, straight-forward way of speaking. All John does is spend most of his year on the road teaching police officers, school officials and military personnel tactics and techniques that will save the lives of the innocent. How is that a bad thing? His knowledge and expertise -and he is an expert- help us confront a dangerous situation- an Active Shooter. He should speak seriously, any subject dealing with the saving of lives, especially those of our children, should be taught and taken seriously. Some people need to understand that if this can happen in an Amish one-room school house it can happen anywhere.
John is a hero; he should be praised not punished for getting us ready for possibly the most tragic incident of our lives.
Make no mistake we are at war; with the kind of evil that can cause a man to barricade himself in a school and start killing our kids. This is the war that I am training to fight every day. Thanks to John Giduck I am prepared!!

Captain Ron Camacho
Operations Captain
York City Police Dept
Commander York County Quick Response Team

Dosmosis said...

Mr. Camacho, thank you for your comments and point of views. This day in age its easy to forget what motivates those who 'serve to protect', and at some level we are all in debted to your services.
I'd like to keep my reply somewhat brief as I've plenty of further articles to divulge....
Now I'm sure YOUR motives, & most of those who chose similar paths are pure and honorable. I know many who serve in different branches of military, & law enforcement, and they are remarkable people who believe they are doing much good, and at some level they are.
The problem I have in regards to the article posted is in many ways these drills help sharpen your tactical strategies helping you better prepare for such possible future threats, but in most cases the students and at times even the teachers are not warned or informed that such actions are taking place.
Now from a childs point of view, what would go through your mind if men in black armor stormed your classroom with weapons drawn? Assuredly these actions leave lasting impressions.
Now when faux 'shooters' are involved its surprising to me that they are not brutalized by the uninformed faculty, as if I was a teacher and someone stormed in my office of business with weapons drawn on the children I'm assigned to educate, I would likely beat them viciously and not stop until they are immobilized.
In an era of ever present fear, which in my opinion is mostly concocted by the government (as we all know a scared people are a more manageable brood) in order to control and finagle policy these methods are not only useless as in every case the gunman typically kills his share and then takes his own life, but also when their is no prior warning that such drills are to take place, this is simply social engineering manifested to indoctrinate the next generation.
Like I said, I'm sure your will is good, and obviously your division and those like it are necessary, but to impose fear on a society who simply want to 'live happily ever after' is a bit shameful, not on your behalf, but whomever is pulling the strings to set up such techniques all because a few isolated incidents.
John Giduck may be highly admirable personally, but he who warrants patrolling our nations schools with semi-automatic weapons is a fear mongerer, this is not warfare, it is everyday life, he should bite his tongue.
These methods do nothing to solve the problem either, it's like trimming the follicle rather than attacking the root... how many of these 'shooters' are prescribed psychotropic medication by an industry who seeks to inundate every single child, by a country whom proposes adding lithium to the water supply in order to calm the masses due to the fear imposed on them by the lame-stream media?
My solution to your conundrum, rent out unoccupied space, with actors and such to role-play your various situations, this would save the public from waking up in cold sweats due to nightmares carved in their psyche by such incidents, or forever being fearful of their friends and neighbors...
2nd question: how many of these drills are aimed at patriotic individuals and so-called 'lone wolves'?
Me myself and I only seek to better this country and make sure those who put profit over people to the extent that they destroy our nation and culture are held accountable for their actions in a civil manner.
Thanks again Captain Camacho, I value these conversations, and its a shame you remain anonymous so a response is unlikely, I would've liked to hear further from your side of the story.
Luck and prosperity to you and yours.