Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pieces of Me

Addressing a few of these questions is imperative to our survival:

The social networking 'fame' of self indulgent individuals is the bane of existence.
Great, strangers find your takes on society witty... 
can we peer past the mirage of your delusions of grandeur now?

Was there a tipping point at which German civilians stopped supporting their troops?...just saying.

When did it become fashionable for pop stars & other drains on society to dress like prostitutes?

Upon Nero striking up the band with his fiddle, as Rome burnt to cinders
did the Roman citizens continue to hedonistically cheer on the barbarians & gladiators of the Colosseum?

Taking into consideration the overabundance of 'gifted' competitors in the fields of:
American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, & America's Got Talent
is it safe to say maybe these talents aren't as special as we previously thought?

All this artistic interpretation, have we lost our ability to critique or announce 'the emperor has no clothes'?

When did mainstream news media become a tabloid jammed with advertisements,
will the majority ever demand these corporations become less subservient to tyrants,
and fulfill their obligations to the public to whom they address?

Can it get any more homophobic then the phrase "no homo"?

Will the populous ever realize that under these conditions & obvious eventualities: silence is complicity?

When did becoming a clown surpass informing one's self or conveying important information?

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