Tuesday, June 14, 2011

top military intelligence analyst reveals 9/11 was forseeable

For many Americans, the emotional reaction to President Barack Obama's announcement last month that a Navy Seal team had killed Osama bin Laden during a raid at his compound in Pakistan was celebratory.
But for others, like the mysterious Iron Man, who has spent his career lurking in the shadows, the death of the late al-Qaeda leader is a painful reminder of what could have been avoided had the government heeded numerous early warnings of an impending attack against the very targets terrorists struck on 9/11.

The intelligence failures leading up to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are an issue the media - and lawmakers - put to bed years ago, despite the fact that new information continues to trickle out, undercutting the integrity of the official investigations into who knew what and when.

"Although I try to avoid it, I glimpse a film clip, 
a scene, of people throwing themselves from a burning tower, 
people who deserved better protection from their country, 
from me and the men I worked with, 
and I hear the sounds of the lobby in the [World Trade Center] on tape,"

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