Monday, July 4, 2011

1 million Libyans rally to support Qaddafi

Green Square (Tripoli, Libya) - 1st July 2011 from Libya News on Vimeo.

It's evident American will be sending ground troops into Libya in the future,
they better be prepared for a bloodbath!
They insisted the people of Libya were upset with Gaddafi....lies!
Gaddafi has made good on his vow to arm the citizens of Libya,
some reports alleging one Kalashnikov per household, plus rockets, grenades, etc.
If the citizens of Libya were truly disgusted with Gaddafi, NATO alongside French & US forces would have no reason to be there, the people would've taken the weapons and hung him high.
What this march shows is that these Western claims are false, 
Gaddafi turned that country around with the advent of the Great Man-Made River
his choice to not do business with a private central bank.
This made Libya & its people prosper. This country turned desert back to fertile pasture.
They were set to be the breadbasket for all of Africa.
Depleted Uranium tipped warheads assure that will never be an option for the African people.

-Gaddafi threatens to bring the war to neighboring Europe's "homes, offices, families"

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