Saturday, July 9, 2011

making robots 'real'

Jules, is a 4 year old technology, imagine further development.
You give this android basic cognitive functions, mobility, and free will to make its own decisions 
and who knows its capabilities? Might not take rejection lightly.
I've recently been reading the book Robopocalypse,
which Steven Spielberg plans on making into a feature film in the near future.
As common thread amongst Spielberg films dealing with androids,
man makes 'bot' for assistance, 'mecha' then learns man is evil 
and in this case decides humans must be eliminated for the future of the planet.
This is a meme pushed all too often lately by the environmentalist movement, 
though at times subtle or subliminal its existence is widespread and should not be ignored.
They usually reason that culling the mass populous by 90% is rational for the 'greater good' of the planet.
These same figure heads who preach this vile sermon fail to offer their own flesh as sacrifice.
But I digress....
Typically the idea of man vs. machine was reserved for science fiction, 
but as technology progresses at a phenomenal rate it really makes ya wonder if its inevitable.
Will the day come when we regret we hadn't  threw a wrench in the cogs while we still had the chance?
Don't get me wrong, I believe the innovation behind these monumental breakthroughs in robotics
are truly fascinating, and a tremendous leap for humankind's dynamic ability to improve upon invention,
but is there really a need for such technology, other than to maybe steal a humans job,
and what is the relationship once paired with the push for acceptance of transhumanism?
Will science eventually triumph natural evolution?
I believe it already has , as far as convenience and bragging rights go, this is a large feat,
but will a tipping point occur where we decide maybe we're far too comfortable,
and maybe these mechanisms are becoming intrusive if not harmful and are unnecessary?

-engineering love in robots

-Hanson Robotics

Albert Einstein android:

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