Sunday, July 3, 2011

Al Gore: depopulation in disguise

Al Gore confronted on Climate Change by WeAreChange Chicago at bookstore:

WeAreChange confronts Al Gore in 2009:

For those who continue to be played like Nero's fiddle in these flawed times....
call it what you like: 'global warming', 'climate change', bio-diversity...
doesn't matter what name you brand it, its a hoax, its fudged data in order to impose stricter taxes,
its Eugenics disguised as environmentalism, 
its the UN's Agenda 21 in order to snatch land for collateral on the debt.
The climate has always changed, during medieval times the temperature was 'abnormally' high,
it led to the renaissance, and gardens springing up in the areas which typically lacked vegetation.
All these corporations & programs pushing this agenda have been caught with their pants down.
If Al Gore truly believed the oceans would rise due to the earth warming and subsequently melting glaciers,
then why did he buy prime ocean front real estate?
Why does a man who has made nearly his entire fortune from taxpayers have so much money?
Cause this was a money making scheme, and furthermore it has been subverted in order to fit the agenda,
DEPOPULATION.... it took him long enough to get to the point, but patience is a virtue.
To all these elitist born to multiple brothers & sisters and they themselves spawning multiple kin:
You vouch for population control across the planet? 
Fine, kill yourself, cause you are no more important then the rest of us, 
the majority of your kind were born with silver spoons 
and rarely earned a hard working dollar other than PR moves.

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