Sunday, July 3, 2011

Minnesota government shuts down

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said GOP legislative leaders are being held hostage by the tea party 
while Republicans accused the governor of engaging in “a class warfare classic” Friday 
as the two sides blamed each other for their collective failure to reach a budget deal, 

I love how they take an incident such as this and immediately play the blame game,
I've grown less fond of the Tea Party the further they've been infiltrated by those seeking libertarian votes,
so it's safe to say I'm not defending them in anyway.
This problem is not the fault of an individual political party, but rather the entire system.
The entire economic system is one great ponzi scheme under control of a private central bank.
As these stooges plea to raise the debt ceiling, they are only buying themselves more time
to loot from private and pension funds, and gather more corporate endorsements for future careers.
On one hand I believe it's inevitable the entire political system is collectively due for collapse,
but on the other I wonder what plans they have partaken for a continuity of government?
It's safe to say the sheeple fear a future minus the government, 
especially with the majority receiving one form or another of government dole.
The governments eye of Sauron has been their main focal point as they endlessly expand their military & intelligence police state system to enforce their feudalist restrictions & regulations.
It will be particularly interesting to see what will happen to all these programs and military actions,
once they realize they can no longer fund such measure unless they go out of pocket.
Really defines the fact that they set up all these security & intelligence bureaus,
not out of fear for the safety of the public, but to save their own hide,
as well as to further bleed a system which can't possible continue for ever under these circumstances.
The people shouldn't fear such a collapse, but rather look forward to the possibility of reclaiming their personal freedoms and liberties.

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