Monday, July 4, 2011

the 4th of July (Ju-Lie)

4th of July Checklist:
Non-Kosher hot dogs chock-full of nitrites... check!
Fecal matter hamburger patties void of drug-resistant staph.... check!
Star-Spangled Betsy Ross replica crafted by Chinese sweatshop workers on verge of suicide... check!
Pyrotechnic allegiance to China through mass consumption of imported fireworks... check!
Are we borderline retarded or what?
Celebrating our independence from a private central bank, 
despite being sold back into bondage into a nearly identical system where in fact we are taxed far higher than King George III could have ever dreamed of.... quite simply: we have been duped!
Sorry to have 'rained on your parade', but what exactly are we happy about under current conditions?
The 'White-Shoe Boys' are snatching every last crumb before the entire cookie crumbles
as they wipe their rears with a Constitution they wished was never adopted. 
The people have zero say in the very politics they alone finance,
and furthermore, under the guise of terrorism are considered guilty until proven innocent, 
every last shred of privacy dilapidated by the 'aptly' named Patriot Act.

We are burdened by debt, slaves to it rather... 
Liberty & freedom have been taken for granted since pens hit Declaration paper.
The holiday has been exploited to the utmost, it now serves as a means to further display our military brute.
True patriots have been demonized by DHS & its toady media brotherhood.
Those who truly care about the future of this once-great nation, are suspected of being 'lone wolfs'.
Indeed... well the time has come to howl, get pissed, break out the soap box and rant.
This country was built on the premise that we were free enough to do so,
 not via permit requirement, but on the land of our forefathers with the trumpets bestowed us.
Unfortunately the majority don't want to hear about real topics, 
they prefer to remain blind, deaf, & dumb to it.. why trouble themselves?
Just get to the BBQ, BYOB, and cram your jowels with hotdogs if that's what it takes you to STFU!

Enough with this cultural debauchery, society has become ardently savage.
Like we are regressing not only back to the fetus, but back to primitive society.
The world has become Neverland, and these 'lost boys' refuse to grow up.
Everyone's a tolerant clown, maybe a survival mechanism to cope, but there's a time & a place.
I denounce the degenerate nation we have become in nearly every form.
Importance has become focused on partying... ignorance: preferred and often rewarded.
The following are trends I believe have deteriorated the American way,
mindless distraction clouding us from the truth that freedom comes at a cost....
Trends which have become permanent traits of Americana, the very definition of USA:

- Sports - 
barbaric tribalism - distraction - lack of loyalty
coaches: false prophets muttering battleground inspiration reserved for warfare
[para-phrase] "ask Mickey Mantle if he'll help out with the rent"

- Vanity -
♫Walk this way, Talk this way♫
 scantily clad vixens - tight sphinctered faux-hawks: depart with hubris in tow
Madison Avenue does not define our necessary appearance
I may not shave or even bathe at times, so be it....

- Media - 
transparent social engineering, indoctrination
blatant lies misconstrued as a mirage of reality by spin doctors & talking heads
censorship of truth - devils advocate of the corporation - peddling naiveté
the medium of propaganda - maxim of memes
dance with the stars, Americans idolized: you too can win the lottery

- Entertainment -
an obsession with nightlife - bar hopping
liquor, promiscuity, drugs, music drowning out chatter
blue balls and chutzpah - admiration of immaturity

- War -
relentless, overstretched, perpetual - bleeding us dry
empire expansion accelerating beyond belief
support the boots, ignore the returning dog tags
"we were always at war with Eurasia"

- Social Networks -
he said she said heresy - manipulated by bots and flukes - dictator of trends & the 'next big thing'
people celebrating strictly to brag about it online, minus focusing on the value of the experience
spy utility of choice - personal dossier of every facet of your life 

- Money - 
'keeping up with the Jones's' 
if you have it you want more, if you dont you want it
crippler of nations

- Sociopaths - 
narcissist nation - 1-Up the next in line
obsession with becoming top dog - popularity, the deity of our every being 
TapOut aggression & Ed Hardy machismo

- Pharmaceuticals - 
vaccination nation - drugs are A-OK if prescribed by someone making a commission
take drug A to doctor drug B's side effects

- Garbage Food - 
contaminated fast food cutting corners for profit, ignorant of consumer health & long term safety
chemical sugar additives & food dyes subtracting our future years
genetically modified wasteland choking the remaining earths crops
void of nutrience - a trojan horse saturated in toxins

- Celebrities - 
ravaged by a gossip fascination addicted to drug addicts & false prophets
voice of the harbingers - souls sold for profit & stardom void of societal damage control
trendsetter fascism - figure heads of feudalism

- Music - 
rinse, wash, repeat - creativity where art thou
has the well run dry of talent & poetry
paralyzed by grandiose pop sexuality and thug showboats

- Security Industrial Complex - 
24/7 surveillance - what privacy? - Big Brother gone awry 
no personal data left unturned 

- Scientific Dictatorship -
playing god - genetical manipulation the natural world
sacrificing safety for the benefit of technology
enslaving the masses surreptitiously 
depopulation disguised as environmentalism 

My country, 'tis of the, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing

Nothing wrong with being proud of your country, 
but lets ensure future Americans have something to be proud of.....
Let freedom ring.

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