Thursday, October 7, 2010

9/11 Truth: No Justice, No Peace

Under the Freedom of Information Act and the end result of many requests & finally a lawsuit,
the International Center for 9/11 Studies
has obtained a wealth of photographs and video clips from
the National Institute for Standards & Technology (NIST).
3 terabytes (3,000gb) in size, steadily released in batches which are being released to the public.
The result is the NIST Cumulus Video Database.
It rings in at a phenomenal 924gb (nearly 1tb) which has been encoded to 86gb to minimize space.

Most notable of the videos which were not disclosed to the public are the ones which clearly show victims (rescuers & WTC workers) clearly disclosing they observed the presence of explosions,
an idea many of those who escaped from the basements shared.
Firemen insisting they observed secondary devices (bombs):

Firefighters insisting they witnessed channels of molten steel "like lava" running down the foundry, a phenomenon which could only be explained by the use of thermite, a pyrotechnic:

William Rodriguez, a WTC maintenance worker & hero
who risked his own life returning to the scene to rescue victims
swears their were sub-level (basement) explosions before the 1st plane even hit:

Anthony Saltalamacchia was a morning supervisor who managed over a hundred workers in WTC,
supports Rodgriguez affirmation that explosions occurred before the plane even hit.
He was located in sub-basement B1 of the North Tower, 1,100 feet from the impact point.
He stated, "it sounded like, like different grenades being set off in the building":

Janitor Kenneth Johannemann also maintained these claims to be true, by his own right
at the time of disaster:

Carpenter Marlene Cruz was also injured by an explosion in the basement of the North Tower:

Much of the footage obtained was discovered to have been tampered with or edited
to hide discrepancies in the initial reports.
Such as an explosion heard before the fall of WTC 7:

The following videos reveal the extent of some of the tampering as neither video picked up the explosion heard in the above video yet both contain a more detailed soundtrack

The next video not only has the beginning of the collapse of WTC7 removed,
but the audio is muted until the entire building falls:

This video shows Michael Hess yelling for help from the 8th floor window of WTC7,
proving that the building didn't sustain substantial damage before its collapse 7 seconds later:

Eyewitnesses inside WTC7 attest the fact that explosions were prevalent inside the building before the collapse, such as that of Barry Jennings:

Then of course, there's the obvious statements by firefighters declaring the
"building is about to blow up"
before the collapse:

The International Center for 9/11 Studies is in the beginning stages of reviewing much of the newly obtained footage, there remains the possibility that there could possibly be much more contradictory and damning evidence released in the future?

So many people assert that if 9/11 truly was an inside job,
then the evidence would be too large to cover up & there would be so many witnesses that some of them couldn't possibly be prevented from coming forward.
But the truth of the matter is, many of them have come forward.
The above videos weren't the only witnesses
other basement workers including Felipe David

and Salvatore Giambanco have also gone public with what they observed during the attack, also confirming the presence of sub-level explosions which took place before the plane hit the North Tower.
WTC construction worker Phillip Morelli was heading for level B-4 of Tower One (4 stories below ground) when an explosion threw him to the ground.

How many people have to insist there were explosions in the sub-level basements,
(some 7-8 floors below) before people indeed believe there were indeed incendiary explosives present?
How much incriminating evidence do people need before they can even question the truth of the matter?
Scientists have uncovered thermite in the rubble of Ground Zero, for which there can be no other explanation other than being used for explosive purposes.
What more needs to be shown?
The owner of WTC Larry Silverstein admitted he gave the orders to "pull" WTC7.
There are way too many discrepancies, coincidences, and conveniences outlined in the predicament, far too many to be ignored!

Research the material and actively voice your opinion.
If they're willing to sacrifice thousands of lives in order to further their continuity of agenda,
then there's no telling where they will draw the line in order to get their way.
For nearly 8 years I believed this was all the subject of conspiracy.
I too thought it was crazy and maybe a tad unpatriotic to question the disaster.
But now I realize it would unpatriotic to not carry the message upon the arrival of hard evidence
which undoubtedly shows the event was not cut & dry and is far more sinister then they'll reveal.