Monday, October 11, 2010

All Your Nuke Are Belong to US

said a senior official for the U.S. governments Global Threat Reduction Initiative.
Spoken in response to a U.S. program which over the weekend saw the shipment of
an abundance of highly enriched uranium (HEU) from Warsaw, Poland to a Russian reprocessing plant 3,500 miles away.
The trip was escorted by more then 100 policemen and made frequent stops to make sure the radioactive material wasn't leaking.
It was delivered 200 miles by train to Gdansk where it was loaded onto a ship
then transported to the Russian Arctic port of Murmansk where it was subsequently loaded onto yet another train, meanwhile on its voyage passing unsuspecting villagers who had no idea of the deadly cargo winding through their settlements.

This 3 week journey has been repeated 5 times over the last year
culminating in the shipment of 1,000 pounds of polish HEU in total.
Enough to make 18 atom bombs, at a cost of $60 million to U.S. taxpayers.

The budget for making bomb grade material secure globally will be increased by 67% to $558 million.
The Obama administration seeks to spend $7.9 billion on nuclear nonproliferation programs over the next 3 years.
2,000 tons of HEU are estimated to be stockpiled around the world.
Since 2004 HEU has been removed from 18 nations including 5 in the last year.
Since the end of the cold war the International Atomic Energy Authority has logged 800 incidents of radioactive material going missing or being stolen by smugglers.

America acts like they are keeping the world safe throughout all of this,
but they are the ones who admitted to using HEU during the Afghan & Iraq wars.
It is they who have the largest stockpile of nukes.
America is still the only country to viciously drop nuclear bombs.
A situation that could have been avoided.