Saturday, October 23, 2010

Globalists Deathbed Confession

Pastor Lindsey Williams,
is author of the "Energy Non-Crisis", a book which proves first-hand that:
he who controls energy, controls the economy.
Mr. Williams often stirs up controversy when his insight meets public ears.
Recently he revealed a globalist who serves as CEO for one of the big 3 oil companies
and is also a member of the elusive Bilderberg Group
confided in him a deathbed confession.

Deadly Premonitions:
-America will be unrecognizable within 2 years
-you can only rely on gold and silver
-Americans will become extremely poor
-We will be at war with Iran in 4-5 months
-nearly everyone will be working for the government: communism
-oil prices will rise to $150-$200 a barrel
-sequentially gasoline at the pump will rise from $4-$5 a gallon
-this will cause a massive increase in inflation
-causing the dollar to die by 2012

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