Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dick Gregory: Fasting for Truth

Comedian & peace activist Dick Gregory
is set to begin a liquid fast which will continue until 2012
unless the questions of 9/11 are investigated and answered by the government.

This won't be the first time Gregory has fasted in the name of protesting a just cause:
-Thanksgiving of 1967 he decided he would fast in opposition of the Vietnam war,
weighing 288 pounds, a vegetarian who smoked nearly 4 packs of cigarettes
& guzzled a quart of scotch a day.
For 40 days Gregory consumed only distilled water,
until on the 40th day he broke the fast by drinking a glass of fruit juice.
He weighed 97 pounds by the end of it

-(1968) fasted for 45 days as a show of solidarity with the Native Americans

-(1969) fasted for 45 days against the segregation of Chicago schools

-(1970) fasted for 81 days to bring attention to Americas narcotics addiction

-(1971) refused to eat solid foods for 3 years to oppose the war
during this time he ran 900 miles from Chicago to D.C.

-(1973) he refused to entertain anywhere where alcohol or smoking was permitted
crippling his comedic career

Mr. Gregory is no stranger to politics either:
-He marched with Martin Luther King jr. through the south for civil rights

-(1963) was jailed and beaten for parading without a permit

-(1965) was shot in the knee after trying to calm a crowd during the Watts Riots

-(1967) ran for Mayor of Chicago against crooked Richard Daley
unfortunately lost

-(1968) ran for President against crooked Richard Nixon
unfortunately lost but did pull in 1.5 million write-in votes

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