Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ron Paul for President 2012

In other words... he will indeed be running for president.
I expect his 2012 election numbers to double his 08' figures in lieu of the economic meltdown,
and many other atrocities which have taken place in that timespan.
But indeed expect the media "press-titutes" to once again shadow his existence,
as was the case in 2008 of course.

I was in the dark about Paul during 08' and at the time fell for the Obama-Tron hype.
But have reviewed much of the information available on him, and can honestly say:
Ron Paul may not be able to solve all of life's ills, but indeed has the formula for the cure.

If interested, I recommend the documentary:

For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty
which shows the rise of Ron's grassroots campaign
and the media censorship which plagued his presidential run.
I guarantee if you are even minutely interested in politics and haven't been bought and sold,
then you'll get an overwhelmed feeling of being bamboozled by the U.S. media,
especially after all that has taken place in the wake of Barry Soetoro's reign.

As far as reading goes, I read 2 of Paul's books (OK - audiobooks..) and can highly recommend:
The Revolution: A Manifesto
which gives you an understanding of the presidential hopeful, straight from the horses mouth,
and also outlines a blueprint for strategies which if imposed would help get this nation back on track.
Don't believe me, the Mises Institute says it's a "must read for anyone who values liberty"
Additionally, for the advanced reader, or those with a brief understanding of economics,
I recommend:
End the Fed
which details economic histories past mistakes and how the American system is not only going down the same path, but was engineered to do so.
Ron gives many solutions which will indefinitely re-shape the failed system for the better.
The New American states: "a must-read for every American who can spell his name".

Ron Paul is one of the only candidates who deserves to win the 2012 presidency.
Former Governor Gary E. Johnson (R-NM) shares many of Mr. Paul's views,
many of his supporters have hinted at a 2012 run but where I mostly agree with Johnson in general, I don't agree with his stance on immigration and alternately believe he would only take votes away from the more appropriate candidacy of Ron Paul.
Ron Paul is obviously the grandfather of the Tea Party,
in my opinion a party which was obviously set up by his supporters who were upset with his loss,
and were striving to find a way to make his ideas more mainstream.
The party's still a force to be reckoned with, but obviously has been infiltrated by multiple masqueraders, such as Sarah Palin, who is not only a surefire shoe-in for 2012 presidential candidate, but a shill which Republicrats will support only to guarantee a Democratic victory.
The only thing I agree with Palin on is her opposition to Death Panels, other than that she's just another self-absorbed teleprompter reading pop celebrity.
Of course rumors now flourish that the stone faced Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
will be offered the role of Vice President in the case of a re-election of Barack Obama.
But she like many others know Obama is just another Jimmy Carter,
whose only chance of winning a 2nd term factors on the rigging of election polls, and phantom ballots.
So likely Hillary will deny the offer and run for president herself,
continuing the government bloodlust overseas.

Don't fall for any of the false left-right paradigms,
Ron Paul holds the key to the future, as ridiculous as it sounds.
I'm just a dad who works paycheck to paycheck to support his family.
I am not bought and paid for by any corporation which supports his former/future campaigns.
It doesn't take a scholar to realize that his methods and strategies would help put the power back in the hands of the people and would repair the nations many problems placing it on an honest path towards recovery.
Any candidate or politician who denies this fact is not looking out for America's best interest,
any "media industrial complex" who fails to support his candidacy and rather veils his run
is looking out for the interest of their corporate sponsors and had therefore placed money on a pedestal over the well-being of the states.
I can only advise them that their actions further cripple the economy,
resulting in short-term profits,
but long-term losses overall, as it will not be possible for poor people to buy their products or services when it comes time to make a decision between cable or table scraps.

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