Saturday, October 16, 2010

War & Politics: animations & motion graphics

Figured I'd share a collection of powerful videos I've come across on youtube.
Many of which are political, alternate histories, animations, & kinetic typography's:

Contradiction for War

media distortion surrounding the Iraq war

War on Terror?
facts regarding US foreign policy

Lord of War
kinetic typography of a speech from the motion picture

Terrence Mckenna - Mission
kinetic typography of a speech concerning exploration of psychadelics

Facebook - CIA profile database
showing the associations between Facebook & the CIA

Analogies at War: Vietnam & Iraq

many of the similarities between the Vietnam & Iraq wars

Iraq Invasion: 9/11 retaliation?
asks the question: was the Iraq invasion justified?


one man's epic journey through the airport

State of the Internet

current internet statistics

System of a Down - Boom

music video regarding the politics of war

Information in Motion
how to cook steak in 60 seconds

What Barry Says
introduction to the war on terror

Stop the Clash of Civilizations
differences and the necessity for peace

Duck and Cover
kinetic typography of an old school cold war PSA
the original

Growing Up
children's schooling


foreign industrialization process

Pork Corp
the pigs of industry

History of the Internet

Did You Know (series):
1 2 3 4 5 human capital edition
information of interest

Good (series):
the hidden cost of war / vampire energy

The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of

Dwight's Speech
kinetic typography of an uplifting speech by Dwight from the office

Napoleon: Total War
Napoleons empire building

Alternate History

outcomes if wars had ended differently

100 Days
turmoil in Africa

Bush Says Bout War
conspiracies Bush used to justify war


Cherish Life

Wake Up

Zippo lighters & war


War to War

Make Love Not War

Eleventh Hour

failures of British soldiers

Addicted - thesis by Nicholas Ward

Star Spangled Banter
Bush's Iraq propaganda

The title picture in the above article was a screenshot from the excellent animated film:
Waltz With Bashir
which is not included above but is definitely recommended viewing.