Thursday, October 14, 2010

Respect Your Elders

It's sucks getting old, everyone can agree on that...
but as generations continue to come and go, it ain't getting any easier.
Matter of fact it's just the opposite.
Somebody forgot to teach these self loathing Republicrats that age old adage:
Respect Your Elders!

These days senior citizens are getting the short end of the stick.
As the market continues to descend & the dollars price falls further than the paper it was printed on,
the Capital Hill jackals propose yet another yearlong freeze on Social Security.

58 million recipients will receive no more than they did years ago,
no matter how high inflation rises in the coming year,
and believe you me, analysts predict with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts,
and countless additional taxes these Wall St. swine inflict
prices will indeed skyrocket soon enough.

But fear not Granny, there's still a cupboard full of cat food to fall back on.
That is if you can make it over to the cabinet now that Eugenics worm Bill Gates got his way.
"Pearly" Gates champions the idea of the elusive "death panels" for seniors.

Insisting when Gram Gram or Pop Pop end up in the hospital for expected health issues,
terminating the old bats care will pave the way for "10 teachers":

Saying outlandish things which strip citizens of their individualism and
try to make them believe they're just statistics which are truly expendable for the "greater good"
(or in this case actually: greater evil) is all in a days work for Mr. Gates.
As is the case with this video
which points out that vaccines will be instrumental in population reduction:

But let's not blame "Silly Billy", death panels are actually a crucial sub-section of the newly outlined Obamacare, which will be going into effect soon enough.

Though the grim title of death panels is dubbed the much friendlier name "Cost/Benefits Board",
which will basically judge who receives care & who doesn't....
Ummm, spin it how you like: death panel!

But Hakuna Matata, Nana may have paid into the system all her life under the notion
that in the long end she would be taken care of,
but at least she can sleep soundly in her death bed knowing
illegal immigrants will be denied the ability to buy insurance but will not be denied care.
Bienvenidos Anchor Babies!

I remember when grandparents and such were admired for their wisdom.
Countlessly sharing fond memories, warm food, terrible presents (honest), and their heart.
They were a glimpse into a time when things were much simpler, and aren't afraid to say it.
If you wanna stoop to the level of these White House lowlifes:
it's better to be good for nothing, rather than horrible for everything.


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