Tuesday, August 30, 2011


....and now for some mood music:
My minds in disarray, chock full of thought for better or worse.
Much turmoil brewing internally. 
I've ceased taking notes regarding politics for the time being,
and instead have replaced the scrawl with scrap paper adorned with ideas for future art projects.
The juices are flowing, only problem is finding the time to put these visions to paper.
Lately I've felt as though I can accomplish anything within my reach 
and have no fear that these projects will eventually come to fruition.
My eyes have once again returned to spanning the environment for prospective photographs.
While many walk aimlessly, my eyes are scanning each and every crevice.
A bit consuming to say the least.
Life in general is rather lonely. I work alone, return to an empty home, and sleep alone.
Rinse, Wash, Repeat.
It's more than evident that only I have the power to change this, comprehend what that entails.
If my son was by my side, my woes would subside. He's my everything now.
To return to the day of waking with him and putting him to sleep is unfortunately unfathomable.
I'm beginning to come to terms with the fact that his mother is never returning.
The situation is out of my hands... so shall it be.... as there's nothing I can possibly do except move on.

So expect much art from me in the future, as other then pets its nearly my only company.
I've much aspiration to start experimenting with various forms, such as charcoal, collage, and drawing.

Shots of the day:

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