Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lady Snowblood

Lady Snowblood - revenge
The parallels between this film and Kill Bill 1&2 were phenomenal.
I'm a huge Quentin Tarantino fan, as far as film making goes, he's in the top bracket.
But once you see the films which inspired his masterpieces, you begin to understand most of his work is basically an interpretation of the work of others he's admired.
You'll realize this the moment you see the chapters hit the screen in Lady Snowblood.

Simply a revenge flick, woman loses her loved ones and then is beaten, raped, and imprisoned.
She then mercifully forces herself to be impregnated so that she may pass her vengeance unto her seed.
Without spoiling anything, the child then endures a brutal training campaign to set forth in avenging her mothers suffering. A generous amount of bloodshed ensues.

The cutscenes in the movie depicting the concocted backstory of Japanese feudalism are well done for the time period in which the flick was created.
Some individuals may catch a few similarities to a dictatorship by which the world suffers today.
Also exceptional were many of the camera angles and editing gems slipped within the framework.

Rating: 8/10 
I look forward to viewing part 2 (Love Song of Vengeance) soon.....

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