Saturday, August 20, 2011

fire on all cylinders

Last night was a meaningful experience for me.
What started as a movie night transitioned into a bit of an awakening.
It all began with a friend questioning the assassination of JFK
and what subsequently unraveled was a trip down the rabbit hole.
A journey to enlighten a lifelong friend on many of the discrepancies I've come across in my hunt for truth.
These things tend to spiderweb once I get going, so many factors came to the forefront.
In order to refresh my memory and keep the information as factual as possible,
I revisited this blog in order to provide links to backup my words.
Though it was a bit of a bumpy road due to the fact that Bloggers search bar sucks in retrieving information, and due to the fact that not surprisingly many of the links were removed
(no biggie, you can delete the headline, but will never erase the truth),
I felt I was still capable of keeping a steady flow of facts to defend my admissions.
In doing so I once again realized that humanity is in danger,
that whether or not we are aware of it, a movement to contaminate the masses is largely underway.
Geo-engineering will only upset the course of nature long term,
and there's reason to believe maybe this is intended.
A power grab has been in effect for some time to strip the citizens of their rights judicially,
and consequently a move has begun to disregard the Constitution under this stranglehold.
I had shunned this information for the length of a month due to enduring a personal nightmare.
In essence, all I've ever known was abandonment and couldn't believe I continue to suffer from its grasp.

Though I was able to turn away from reality temporarily under this spell, 
it would be ignorant to continue to deny these evils exist.
The system has stolen my child, the mental illness of another has robbed me of a future with a natural family. 
I believed there was not much left to lose. But this in itself is far from the truth.
Under todays many regulations and further devaluation of the dollar, we are only at the tip of the iceberg, various plans have been set forth which have yet to be implemented, but indeed will be enforced in time.

So many preach anarchy, but beneath the skin only desire chaos, as subliminally they are retentive to the notion that all is not well, and seek some sort of change to establish a tipping point in which to vent their frustrations in order to fulfill the desire to live the life they believed was righteous. The majority of these individuals have no understanding of the motives behind the tyranny we are all undergoing
and typically tend to not offer any real solutions, and instead their actions only give the system an excuse to inflict further restrictions in order to restrain future dissidence.
The wheels of feudalism have been set in motion by the age of austerity,
and currently not enough citizens actually give a shit enough in order to make a difference.
It will take the system placing their livelihood in jeopardy for them to put down the remote and drop the thirst for gossip which distracts them on a daily basis.
In this world of a threatening peril, the truth needs as many messengers as it can get.
I intend to communicate the information I perceive as threatening to as many people I can.
In hopes that they will in turn do the same. There exists no greater threat than the current establishment.
The dawn of revolution looms ever closer, and is in fact inevitable under the current circumstances.
I've taken too many notes and done far too much research which has made me aware of these issues.
I do not intend to give up, and will continue to research to aid in carrying the message.
For the sake of my sons future, and the children of others, its imperative we overcome.
Let's pass the torch, and keep the flame of enlightenment lit!

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