Sunday, August 14, 2011

human nature: to become one with

A portion of my life was devoted to becoming one with nature with my former counterpart.
It started as an effort to take snapshots of anything eye-catch worthy.
What blossomed was an experience which will remain engraved in my memories for the rest of my existence.
Life was truly splendid, witnessing what the world had to offer in our secluded region was the stuff epiphanies are derived from.
The universe was observed not through the eye, but via camera lens, and a hand to hold was not far from reach to share each and every frame.
I became fond of all that nature had to offer, love was abundant when this notion was shared.
Her beauty meshed intertwine with the landscape and it seemed as if we were the only humans alive.
Quarrell's and Quarrys' 2
Sarah's Sunset
Animals whom called these locations home became a treat to exhibit.
Solo Swan
The hunt for the next shot was a hunger never subdued.
As I peer out my window, my exclusive touch with the outside earth, my only connection to this wonderful memory, is a somber pine. Nothing more, nothing less.
My heart yearns to once again explore, unfortunately the experience is far less magical minus my companions company, and the majority of the time is spent fighting off my previous memories or wondering if she's sharing our former locations or many new ones with another.
I'm certain this is the case really... it's inevitable.
I can only hope to become one with nature again, but the journey to become captivated by the human nature of another will be an endless battle compromised by new responsibilities and my inner demons exhumed from recent circumstances. Triumph I must.... if only erasing the past was partially possible.

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