Thursday, August 18, 2011

Onward & Upward

Today turned out to be a pretty decent day.
Got to see my lil' man, and though it was only an hour, so much got accomplished. 
Brought lots of toys, so we enjoyed plenty of activities in the brief period.
Also learned things may be looking up a bit, on the upcoming weekend of my birthday, I'll get to spend an entire day with him unsupervised, at my home.
Can't wait to take him out and about, I was so thrilled when I discovered this.
Also was ecstatic to learn that a daycare was found for my boy, so he won't be moved to the home of any strangers, and will remain at his current residence until all this gets squared away.
He kept asking me when he can come home insisting he didn't want to be on vacation anymore,
(this was something I told him earlier in this debacle, not having an explanation at the time)
I tried to explain to him to the best of my abilities that everything would indeed work out and he would be reunited with his family in the near future. He seemed to understand.
I always try to not overstep my boundaries or step on anyones toes when engaging in these conversations with him. As he rode off he sported his usual tears, but for once I was not filled with sadness but rather was excited of the prospect of him one day returning home.

My dogs been super cozy and kick-ass today too. He's a wonderful companion.
Time to start appreciating what I have rather then focusing on my losses.
I'm coming to terms with the fact that the apartment is now all my own, and hopefully gets a hearty helping of my sons company in the future.
Life is indeed looking up. Time to move on from my prior memories and start building the foundation for new ones. TGIF tomorrow. Haven't even cooked dinner yet, I'm thinking breakfast with swine.
I've lost about 20 pounds since these issues began, many have called me out on it.
Love my animals, love my son most of all, and love all the help and sympathy I've received down this road.
I've also contemplated getting a Canon EOS 5D in the future, not a priority though,
but definitely seek to fulfill this desire.

some shots from the day:
Thru the Looking Glass

we sang this song together as well, which he still remembered from when he was a toddler,
was a great moment:

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