Monday, August 29, 2011

Broken Hearts Club

a lesson learned
Today I spent time with 2 individuals separately suffering from heartache 
from opposite sides of the each others spectrum.
Both cases involved children as well as significant others.
Seems all too familiar these days. Recently upon returning from my journey into Boston,
the walk home resulted in 2 separate run-ins with friends of the past also going through the same debacle.
Loss of a loved one, ultimately ending in loss of child.
target practice
Can't help but feel sorry for all these individuals and their personal situations.
Genuinely they and I only desire the same thing, family, love, and a dash of cuddling.
How cruel a world to deprive faithful individuals of these human necessities.
In the majority of these conversations which took place I offered a warm ear,
and tried to keep my own history at bay while expressing heartfelt sympathy.
Do Not Resuscitate
The sum total of these stories is 5 broken homes, 5 children which will venture through childhood from the perspective of never experiencing a solid family.
In all cases the parents just desired a "normal" life with their partner and child.
The future is unfathomable upon destruction of the civil union.
Strong bonds are necessary in light of the downward spiral this world has entered and continuously follows.
While the majority are focused on partying, there exists human beings only yearning for peace within themselves, some via a bond with their lover and/or child.
Devotion is a rare virtue far unappreciated.
Anyone who knows my situation is well informed that I will always keep a spot open in my heart for the one I love regardless of their actions or lack thereof.
Don't Go
One can only hope time heals all wounds.
Abandonment is common and far too acceptable in the eyes of the populous.
Move On
Stay faithful to yourself, as well as those who love you the most.
Respect to those who shared traces of their heart with me. Wish I could mend the pieces.
Get Married!

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