Sunday, August 28, 2011

Devil's Drink

No offense, as this isn't aimed at anybody in particular, just a bit of an observation.
But people drink too damn much!
Since when is this cool to the extent that people feel obligated to broadcast everytime they drink.
More so, putting up pictures of themselves drinking nearly every occasion they do so.
Seriously, congratulations you made it past 21, but your drinking is no accomplishment.
To add insult to injury its usually expected of these individuals to periodically post photos of themselves hammered.
I'm down for a drink every so often, and once in a blue moon may push it past the limit,
but this is nothing to be proud of, to the point where its an obligation to advertise the fact.
Nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying liquor and letting everyone know,
or even crossing the line there after,
but when it becomes habitual or what defines you as a person, a tad extreme, no?

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