Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Suffering from serious scatterbrain lately, a torrent of ideas filtering through.
Various projects in the works as well as many I've yet to kick start.
Lately I hunger, the quest for political street art in all forms is a bit consuming,
to the extent I desire a solo shot through NYC to scavenge more, though I've still got much ground to cover in Beantown, a bit at odds of where to voyage, though I may just hop a bus this Saturday and chill with the worms in the core of the apple, just gotta push myself to do so.
There's a movement abroad to inform the public via public walls and I yearn to not miss a beat.
Time appears to drag at work, likely due to the fact that those I've lost still mingle in my mind.
Come to the realization that it will be impossible for me to have feelings for another until I empty all empathy for those of my past, and I don't see this coming to a conclusion any time soon.
My son trumps all individuals, and truly means the world to me.
As long as I've some sort of relationship with him, I truly don't need or desire any new ones,
other then friends... but anything beyond that seems unrealistic as only a selective few encompass my heart, for better or worse.
I digress, free time fluidly surpasses me, leaving me with not enough time to get much accomplished. I've many visions and articles I'd like to see come to fruition. 
Received much opportunity to endeavor with others and though I wish to grasp anything which comes forth, still feel compelled at times to stick to what I know best: seclusion.
Spent 9 hours in Boston on Sunday, on a constant march throughout the cities streets and alleys.
Minus the blisters, these were the end result:
 Hung up to Dry
Paul Revere
Irish Man Needs Whiskey
Empires Fall
Out of Work
Not A Bomb
Zebra Stampede
Aztec Kiss
Garden of Eden
Satisfied with the results of this journey, but of course there's still lies much ground to cover.

More from one of my favorite albums and bands of current times:

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