Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love is a Succubus

I've great disdain for societies role in the acceptance of the lack of dogmas associated with todays relationships. What happened to morals or ethics?
Not even marriage is a guaranteed union anymore, many are just as quick to cut the thread as they are to tie the knot. What have we become as a people when its socially acceptable to disown those who have grown fond of us simply because there's always an "upgrade" on deck?
These days I've no expectations to ever find someone who can resist growing bored of me.
There will always be someone out there better looking with more going on no matter who you are.
Trust itself is out the window. Even if I tried my best to provide a fun experience to the best of my abilities, there will always be down time, and in the age of the internet there will always be others prying for the admiration of your companion.
It then becomes up to your significant other whether or not they feed into the manipulation or urge to follow such paths, and from what I've experienced they in time always will.
I was never one to believe it was right to stay in a relationship for the sake of a child,
but people these days are just as quick to follow temptation regardless if one is in the equation or not.
Which is why there remains so many single parents.
Since when did FAMILY become exclusive to bloodlines?
Can you envision the future under these circumstances?
Presently family get-togethers are a rare commodity, if you still partake in them, consider yourself lucky.
Will family events of the future consist of a single mother bringing child over to single grandparents home?
The media has changed the course of human nature, it's become far too concerned with open relationships and an infinite exchanging of partners.
Connections become limited when you realize your on borrowed time, and paranoia sets in once you understand this day in age nothing lasts forever.
The majority have become so narcissistic that staying true to another is unrealistic.
With the amount of competition containing no ideology, its constant dog eat dog.
I recently was third wheel on a conversation between 2 parties on the fundamentals of this.
One was insisting he was going to have sex with a girl who was in a relationship.
He insisted that it's been done to him, and if he didn't somebody would. Declaring "that's how it goes".
The other whom I agree with was adamant that we should lead the change we desire rather than fall into this trap.
All in all, I used to believe that I was truly blessed in my prior relationship,
that feeling you get when someone treats you as if you're the most important person on the planet, is one to be treasured and revered. But in all cases I can't help but feel that in this culture I've been born into that this illusion quickly wears off and they're just as quick to admire another.
Everyone has become easily replaceable, those blessed with good looks have it a tad easier.
But in these times, one moment you're loved, the next you're disowned.

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Katie said...

Could not have said it better myself. Very eloquent and thoughtful. I'm having trouble commenting on this thoroughly, but you know, IT WAS A GOOD READ AND I REALLY LIKED IT. That's all I got.

Dosmosis said...

Thank you Katie, appreciate your remarks. The subject makes my blood boil really. It's like, do you think these grandparents you see today going on 50 year plus relationships didn't go through a period of life where they got bored of each other? But in the end they stuck it out, and their families stayed tightly knit in light of the fact. So many look to others relationships as an example, and during these dog days its like following the pied piper of inevitable isolation.