Friday, August 26, 2011

Destination Unknown

Set sail for the Museum of Contemporary Arts today, was a journey of inspiration.
Conjured a slew of ideas for future projects.
Didn't take any pictures inside as they don't allow photography, but this wasn't the trips intent regardless.
Such beautiful weather, "the calm before" you could say, rolling thunder, heavy wind, warm breeze.
Irene is imminent, but the brainstorm begun months ago.

Ran into some old friends, and met a few new ones.
Ironically everyone seems to be having the same problems in different forms.
As I see it, we live in a world where not many people want to be 'tied down'.
Life's a whole new ballgame for me, freedom is abundant, but I'd prefer solidarity. Not my choice.
So time has come to make due with the cards I'm dealt.
Took it upon myself to block any websites I was following my X on.
Honestly it was more of a retaliatory measure if anything, since she had already blocked me across the board. Truthfully she still eats me alive internally, but there still remains 11 months to her restraint.
Alot can change in that time, as far as I've gone, my psyche has shifted dramatically in the few months since her departure. Still faze in and out of depression, but time has bred much thought.
Looking forward to spending time with my son on Sunday,
unfortunately I won't be able to enjoy prior plans due to weather, but I'm going to try my best to make it a wonderful time for him, he deserves it as much as I.
Thankfully I still get the chance to do so.

Opportunities have begun stockpiling, still can't help but shoot many down,
but as time drifts, recovery will surely become a bit easier.
Life's strange really, changes in the blink of an eye.
You can be CEO one day, and in a bread line the next.
Lately I've felt as if I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, 
determined to fulfill all responsibilities as well as construct much art as a therapeutic distraction.
It's served as my catalyst of expression.

Haven't touched a video game in months.
Acquiring music and movies has been abandoned for far some time.
It's necessary I jump ship from Facebook, as it's far too unconstructive for me to be fucking with.
Not much I have in common with most people really.
Destination unknown, but as long as seas remain, there will always be room for exploration.

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