Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wikileaks concealed & revealed

Marines are being prevented from viewing or downloading documents
from the site Wikileaks who recently released the Afghan War Diary,
which chronicled 91k reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004-2010.
Military contends that just because reports have been released doesn't mean they're declassified.

As of late Wikileaks has not released the 15k reports that require redacting,
but have posted a mysterious 1.4gb file entitled "Insurance" which is a high compression 7zip file.
The previous Afghan War Diary was only 75mb but unpacked to 3.75gb.
No telling how large this one shall be once unraveled?
It's password's rumored to be ONION but the file itself is double encrypted to keep the contents hidden.
Wikileaks posted this in response to rumors that those responsible for the diaries may soon face punishment,
so this was concocted to ensure their safety.

Nobody knows what the file may contain, but its certainly wrapped tighter than a mummy.
As founder Julian Assange is a world renowned hacker.
He previously went by the name "Mendax" (latin for Liar) and has written books on the matter.
Interestingly he grew up in Australia roaming with his parents Traveling & Theater Company enrolling in 37 schools & 6 universities.
He spent the age of 11-16 on the run from his step father
who was a member of the Great White Brotherhood.
The cult had acquired 14 infants and young children,
who were born of cult members or acquired through adoptions.
They then:
-died their hair blonde (which just so happens to be Julian's current color ironically)
-changed their identities giving them the surname Hamilton-Byrne
-kept them in seclusion, and home schooled
-were taught that the founder Anne Hamilton-Byrne was their mother and other members were Aunts and Uncles
-were subjected to corporal punishment and starvation
-dosed with various psychiatric drugs
-upon reaching adolescence an initiation required them to be dosed with LSD then left alone in a dark room and visited by only the founder or psychiatrists in the group.

The children were later released and members of the cult prosecuted.
One child has written a book in regards to the experience.

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