Friday, September 24, 2010

$15 million Yard Sale fine

Nothing says Americana like a Garage Sale!
A friendly neighbor meet & greet cleverly disguised as local treasure troves of clutter.
In these trying times such events hold many purposes:
-ditching dust shrouded eyesores
-those looking to abandon infant toys in hopes of scoring newer models for the cherubs
-lighten the load in response to home foreclosures
-or maybe just in dire need of cash

Nowadays it's not as simple as setting up some tables in the driveway,
cities now require pesky permits to snatch a piece of the action. $5 per/day in my city.
In the cluster fucked concrete jungle, residents who don't have yards to sell out of must hit the sidewalk, and in that case require Vendors Permits, these can be quite pricey, ballpark= $100.
It's yet another excuse to kick Americans when their down & rob coins from those who are currently pinching pennies.
The credit industry looks to dig its talons into the mix as well,
in new efforts to try and persuade citizens to accept credit cards at these shindigs.
Hell, you can even convert your iphone/ipod into a credit card reader.

But what truly takes the cake,
is the "Resale Roundup" initiative launched by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
Which will impose serious fines for yard sale negligence.
Fines of up to $15 million.
If those running these outfits haphazardly set a recalled item on the front lawn
they could face up to $100,000 per infraction.
Multiple infractions could net the jackpot $15 million.
Citizens are expected to observe the CPSC Handbook to keep up to date on current recalled items.

some of the more ridiculous recalls