Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meds & Side-Effects

In 2006, it was reported that harmful reactions from some of the most common prescription drugs
send 700,000 Americans to the Emergency Room each year.

Without further ado, from the bowels of comes:
The 6 Most Unsettling Medication Side Effects

1) Alli
-gas with oily spotting (aka: "sharting" ones self)
-loose stools & more frequent stools that may be hard to control

2) Requip
-an usual urge to gamble
with the Internet Gambling Regulation Act having passed the house,
giving the government a stranglehold on the enterprise,
don't be surprised if this medication joins lithium in our public drinking water.
A retired doctor has a lawsuit pending accusing Requip of costing him $14 million in gambling debt.
-increased sexual urges or behaviors
(Roofies anyone?)

3) Propecia
-gynecomastia (aka: man-boobs, that lactate)

4) Accutane
-crying spells
-rectal bleeding
-bone fractures
-hirsutism (excessive hairiness)
which all adds up to: a day in the life of Ron Jeremy

5) Zoloft
-persistent painful erection
-ejaculation failure
occurred in 14% of the case studies

6) Levaquin
similar to undead vampires daylight exposure could leave you with 2nd-degree burns