Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crusade Memos

January will see the release of
former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld's memoirs titled: "Known & Unknown".
Insinuating that some secrets will be revealed.
The only thing that will be divulged in that book is a few subliminal memes "Rummy" hopes will become table talk to aid in fulfilling his demented end of days agenda.

Certain players of the upper echelon believe themselves to be present deity's.
They seek to invoke WWIII culminating in a holy war which will bring about armageddon.
Where upon they will enter judgement and be rewarded for their duties.
It sounds looney, and you bet your ass it is, but it's real.
I'll get further into the subject in a future article, but I assure you it's legit.

Just after the 9/11 attacks Mr. Rumsfeld referred to the War on Terror as a "crusade", are ye familiar?
A set of religiously sanctioned military campaigns fought over 200 years between 1095 & 1291.
Upon the Invasion of Iraq Rumsfeld hand delivered top secret intelligence briefings adorned with current day war photos and inspirational biblical text as propaganda.
Showing proof that he truly believes he's serving some higher purpose.

If this is what he truly believes, maybe he should get his ass on a horse and ride into battle like his evangelical predecessors.