Tuesday, September 21, 2010

College Dropouts

At first glance I was under the impression that
Massachusetts decision to bypass the electoral college was a good thing,
under closer inspection, boy was I ever wrong.
All this does is further ensure our vote isn't worth the ballot its stamped on,
or under present day circumstances: the highly vulnerable digital decision we made.

It plays out like this:
whoever wins nationally gets our vote,
and the votes of the other states which opted out of the electoral college:
Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, & Washington.
Basically if every voter in Massachusetts selected candidate A but candidate B wins nationally,
then candidate B gets Massachusetts vote.

Sounds a bit unconstitutional to me, not to mention my vote is shit under these circumstances.
They need to go back to the old fashioned paper ballots, with some sort of receipt in case of recounts,
since as we know, if they can rig it, they most certainly will.
Then return to the everybody counts national vote.
300 million vote 160 mill for candidate a takes the win, fuck this point system shit.
Make voters believe their vote actually matters, before you surreptitiously sneak in the phantoms.