Sunday, September 26, 2010

French Resistance to p2p

France declares war on "file-sharers"
The controversial 3 strikes anti-piracy law Hadopi kicked into gear.
Copyright holders will be giving out the IP-addresses of tens of thousands of infringers to ISP's.
This figure will increase to millions within weeks.
ISP's are then obligated to hand over the identities of the accounts to authorities within a week,
or face a fine of 1500 euros per unidentified IP-address.

Once copyright infringers have received 3 strikes on the matter they will be reported to a judge.
Judges will then make a decision on the proper punishment or penalties.

Trident Media Guard, a company known for polluting p2p with fake/corrupt material
has been hired to observe and report illegal uploaders.
ISP's have already begun receiving thousands of IP's.
Copyright holders will start off slow, with 10,000 IP's a day, but will swiftly climb to 150,000 a day.

In the United States, a judges ruling declared ISP Time Warner will only have to divulge 28 ISP's a month (1 per day), due to the magnitude of the workload it will invoke.

The United States IP service Suddenlink has implemented the same guidelines as Hadopi,
with 3 warnings coming before disconnection.

Comcast has a 250 gigabyte limit for its customers.
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