Monday, September 27, 2010

Slums of Freedom

Globally the number of people living in urban slums has decreased from nearly 40% a decade ago,
to less than 1/3 today.
The surge of the economies of China & India have lifted 125 million people out of poverty.
Though the overall number of slum dwellers around the world still continues to rise to an estimate 830 million people worldwide.

So riddle me this:
Why is it the majority of the world seems to be departing from urban decay,
yet in Iraq the number of those living in slums has tripled since Operation Iraqi Freedom?
I believe the mission was to:
"Disarm Iraq of "Weapons of Mass Destruction".....
(5:00 & 5:50)

....."end Saddam Hussein's alleged support for terrorism"
....."free the Iraqi people"
Define "FREE" under these circumstances.
The only thing we have freed the majority of the Iraqi people from is peace & prosperity.